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Wanderers 0 Birmingham 1

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What the fuck did everyone expect today we've got the majority of our squad out injured or more accurately not arsed to play, that team out there was thrown together and yet we still only lost 1-0 to

sounds like the over zealous 'safety officer' at it again, as if any of us wanted to get on the bloody pitch! should have sent them to Blackpool for the afternoon

We know what they think. I'm asking you what you think.     You keep telling us that there's a 'raft of shite' here but so far you haven't told us who.

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Horwich rmi cc vs westhoughton from 130pm if anyone fancies some cricket after the football

That'll be my Saturday


Why isn't our game on Sky?

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If it's cracking t'flags on Saturday I might pop down to RMI for some cricket. Went in for a post work pint tother day.


It was like the phoenix but more 'old man'

Pissing down - all day


Macron for the "soccer"

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Bolton did similar when we played them first game of season a couple of seasons ago. Being a youth game we watched, were slightly less critical.


I thought we were quite positive in our support for the cricket that day.


I wasn't too impressed with Leicester's barracking of folk who clearly weren't going to the game.

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Wonder what the response would be if Dave's lad doesn't walk again like on Saturday.

Umpire at the bowlers end said not out

Umpire at square leg said he was out


So it wasnt as simple as it sounds

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