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Learning A New Language

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Nah, she's quite friendly.


I went to a spanish class, an advanced one :) at the college, try before you buy, liked it, said "where do I sign up and pay my £500?" "your £500?" They said "well, it's up to you how you pay, but if you pay all three terms up front at once you get a discount" - it was £500 a term, £1500 for the year, or about £35 a session if you broke it down...


I'll get some CDs.

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I have to admit, in my brief experience she seemed good, learned a few things in just one session...


I reckon' one-on-one it's probably £30-£40 an hour though...


My progress has reached a grinding halt as, strangely, I've started occasionally mixing with spanish speaking folk, and I'm so shite at conversational spanish, I don't bother, and have become really disheartened.


I might take up Italian instead. :)

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Just make sure you're learning the right language for the area you intend to live.


Barcelona and the area speak Catalan, not Spanish.

Not thought that far ahead tbh.


Lots of hurdles to overcome, but opportunities are available. Would just like a command of the language first rather than go then learn.

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I had a bunch of CDs from my dad. Think they were given away in the Daily Mail or Telegraph.

Tried them out myself and was enjoying them during morning and evening commute to work. But never carried on and can't remember anything I learned.

However, at the time, I also scoured the net and there's plenty of freebie stuff out there before you start spending with Rosetta Stone.



(no longer free, but was originally, sure I downloaded quite a few podcasts)



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