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Learning A New Language

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I had a bunch of CDs from my dad. Think they were given away in the Daily Mail or Telegraph.

Tried them out myself and was enjoying them during morning and evening commute to work. But never carried on and can't remember anything I learned.

However, at the time, I also scoured the net and there's plenty of freebie stuff out there before you start spending with Rosetta Stone.



(no longer free, but was originally, sure I downloaded quite a few podcasts)



Nice One. Will have a look.
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I would be knackered if I had to learn another language. I don't know why but they just don't click with me. I lived in holland for a while and had a dutch girlfriend but I still could barely speak a word. I have forgot the little I did know too, weird.

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Can anyone recommend the best/quickest way of doing this? I'm new to learning Spanish but want to up my game doing it



Tomski, seriously, seek out Destination Spanish with Paul Noble.


Drongo to Dago in a couple of hours.


Quisiera pagar con tarjeta de credito.

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That's easy for you to say.



Aye, I say it every year when I am in Spain and the missus is stretching the credit card.


18 pairs of fucking shoes she bought whilst we were in Melbourne last week for the racing carnival.



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