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  1. Neil Ruddock, Gudgeon Bergson, Steve Guppy.
  2. Was looking forward to Wrexham, I'll miss it now though as going to Spain on Sunday morning. I thought it would be moved, but was hoping for a Saturday lunchtime or Friday nighter.
  3. Devante Cole on that list. He's just been released by Barnsley today.
  4. I was talking to a Leeds season ticket holder last season. He says they have no physical card, and the digital season ticket they recieve can't be copied (screenshot etc) to give to a mate. If he can't attend his only option is to sell back to the club for a tenner, or leave his seat empty.
  5. He couldn't come out and was unsighted for the shot, Waghorn stood right in front of him.
  6. RIP Iain. My thoughts are with his family.
  7. I'd prefer JDB coming on as a sub.From memory, I'd say that JDB is at his best coming on for the last 25 or 30 minutes against tired legs.
  8. That's true, my £40000, wasn't accurate (I did say I'm an amateur) I think that the backdating up to three years of unused allowance would likely come in handy.
  9. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/financial-services/pensions-advice-service/how-much-can-i-pay-into-pension/ Better than I thought infact. @Sweep
  10. I believe that it's max contribution of £40000 per financial year, but I think I've read that you can go back upto 2 years and add any allowance that wasn't used from those years. I'm an amateur so could be wrong.
  11. If you put that £80000 into your pension, it would actually be £100000 going in due to 20% tax relief, even if you're a basic rate tax payer, and considerably more if you pay tax at the higher rate. How long it is until you plan to retire would be crucial, as the money would no longer be accessible to you until retirement.
  12. I think I saw the pic of Baccus wearing the blue bib a day or two ago, maybe on here?
  13. For me this is very positive news. Obviously there have been issues previously with JDB's fitness, and I'd be surprised if this hasn't been reflected in the value of his contract. When fit this guy totally transforms our attack, particularly when he comes on as a sub. Interesting that the article states that his contract is initially for one year, I wonder if a certain number of appearances trigger an extension?
  14. He wasn't getting games as he didnt fit in our formation, why would he want to stay?
  15. I must admit I've always wondered if Howard's mob were actually behind the Wigan takeover. He/they came on here claiming to represent a potential Bahraini takeover of BWFC, fast forward 18 months or so and Bahrainis take over at Wigan. Maybe we dodged a bullet.
  16. You're doing a sterling job Matty. I don't doubt that you still do a great report win, lose or draw. I'm just less likely to read it if its the latter 🙂
  17. Very true. I can't actually be certain that Matty even posts on this thread if we lose 😀
  18. Cheers Matty, thanks for your work in compiling these posts. It's always interesting to see the other fans perspective.
  19. Beck the loanee to miss out. Feel sorry for the lad but it's not a surprise.
  20. And is that Alice Cooper I can see just above the coppers arm lock?
  21. I was at all eight as well. Some of the best days and nights as a Bolton fan, even better than the europe trips in my opinion.
  22. Rivaldo is just firing up the fax machine...
  23. And we'd be likely to lose more than that in revenue, even if we lost only a few folk through the turnstiles due to disrupting kick-off times I reckon.
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