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  1. It improved a bit when Dapo swapped to the right, I'd take Katchunga off and bring Thomason on, Bakayoko couldn't do any worse either.
  2. I'd get Dapo and Baka to swap sides. I don't like what we've been doing with Dapo playing more centrally and Gordon high up and on the touchline either, MJ has to drop into the back four to cover for Gordon and leaves us exposured.
  3. Dapo on the right and Baka on the left perhaps?
  4. If it was my decision to make I'd start the same team as we did on Tuesday. Baptiste was rusty but settled into the game, much the same with John, both players suffering initially from lack of games. Best I've seen Sarcevic play this season and got a goal into the bargain so worth his place IMO, same with Lee.
  5. Thought it might be worth posting a link to the Jones's just giving page on here. Good to see that Stuart Holden has made a generous contribution. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/Karen-JonesMND
  6. We appeared to have gone to 3 at the back for a while before they scored and didn't go back to a 4 until after the 2nd goal. MJ had dropped in between Santos and Johnston with the full backs staying very, very high.
  7. The reason it's being debated is precisely because many people aren't using the in stadium catering as it's so poor, myself included. If it was being operated more efficiently and the offering was better the club would make more money from it and fans would be more content 🙂
  8. Not sure Kiosko was a pun, probably just Trafs phone auto corrected to that when he typed the name correctly, my phone always changed it to Peter Kiosk for me. Frank Worthingtons.
  9. I should get extra points for old Peroni being a club legend, Kiosko was only here for about five minutes. Nat Lofthouse Wine.
  10. I believe other clubs do it and as I mentioned earlier it was card payments and bottles only at the Rod Stewart event at the Unibolt a couple of years back. Drinks were cold and queues were short. There is no conundrum that doesn't have a solution
  11. Not inevitable it'll be shit if it's in a bottle though is it?
  12. Been saying that since the Rod Stewart concert. Card payment only and plastic bottles. Quick service and a decent drink instead of the piss we serve on draught.
  13. I like John, he's good at free kicks and possibly a better defender than Jackson. At the end of last season if I could have had either back I'd have chosen Jackson.
  14. Think he's actually an attacking left midfielder who can play full back or wing-back. Gives us options and he looked a good player for us last season. Thumbs up from me.
  15. Great thread, please keep up the good work @TrickyTrotter 👍
  16. BBC app is still showing Lee as having scored our 3rd penalty with a right footed shot to the right hand side of the goal. Delf doesn't even get mentioned at all. Shows Doyle as scoring the 1st, Sarc the 2nd, Lee the 3rd, Dapo the 4th and Sheehan the 5th. Obviously it's wrong but why the fuck are we paying a license fee for this shit?
  17. It just needs Reebok Voice or whoever it is now to hold off blasting out the music as soon as the final whistle goes. It really took the edge off the celebratory songs from the crowd after the MK and Oxford games for me.
  18. I don't know the name but I'm pretty certain that I was in that pub to.
  19. Both were great turnouts for mid-week, other end of the country jobs. I enjoyed Arsenal more than Southampton.
  20. tkonion

    Boo Boys

    Well your opinions wrong.
  21. High 5 my brother posting-machine newbie 🖐️
  22. Well done to all who've been involved in the phoenix-like recovery of the site. I await details of how to set up a regular donation.
  23. Good luck and best wishes to Happy, thanks for the update on his situation and the latest on the site. I'd be glad to make a monthly contribution to help restore the site to its former glory and keep it there. Is there anything that can be done to help Happy?
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