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    7:45 kick off

    Not good for me, I struggle to get there for 8 o'clock after work so I'm much less likely to attend midweek now. I wonder how many kids kicking off 15 minutes earlier will add on to the gate in reality?
  2. He was before my time but a name I've heard mentioned and a Wanderer through and through. RIP Syd.
  3. tkonion


    Sometimes he's linked himself with using 'Dave Rich's' money.
  4. He looks older than I remember in that picture, must be the fumes from the welding and all that saturated fat taking its toll.
  5. Definitely loved a chippy tea. I seem to remember him winning a race while running barefoot 'cos he'd forgot his trainers.
  6. It'll have been Otis he worked for as they installed all the lifts in the Stadium and later in the hotel. I worked as an engineer for Otis and - before I switched companies in 2002 - had two or three years of getting paid to watch our home games on standby at the Reebok to release any trapped passengers and keep the lifts running.
  7. Sean Dyche would seem to be the ideal appointment for a promotion push next season 😁
  8. Fair comment, though I must admit I didn't read every single thread to check if it had already been mentioned anywhere on the site before posting.
  9. Bad decision by Burnley's owners in my opinion.
  10. Was it Imps fans or a series of straighteners for folk off here?
  11. You are correct. I started it by saying it was a 3-3 draw, in fact that's what it should have been. That point would have still kept us up though I think, didn't we go down on goal difference?
  12. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-10523441/Football-disorder-worse-gets-better-says-expert-police-powers-need.html Just came across this, reference made to the police gathering information on incidents from clubs which may go a way to explain recent communications from the club.
  13. On loan in the Todd premier season if I remember correctly. I think I remember him having a goal dissalowed in a 3-3 thriller against Leeds at the 'bok. I quite liked him.
  14. As did Alonso. We didn't really see him at his best while he was with us.
  15. That should really make us appreciate our two exits off the car parks/retail park. I over heard a guy a few weeks ago telling his mates that a third exit is going to be built, I think he said onto Chorley Road, he also said that it's not going to be completed for a few years.
  16. He played a big part last season and I wish him well.
  17. Been watching us long enough to know what normally follows a scintillating performance. I'd snatch your hand off for a drab 1-0 win tonight.
  18. I'm not a scouser, I'm there doing missionary work.
  19. I work in Liverpool, 8 o'clock gives me time to get home, showered, changed and off to the match. 7.45 kick off makes it tighter and at 7.30 I'd have to knock it on the head, probably wouldn't be worthwhile getting a season ticket.
  20. Nail on the head there pal, very different times we live in now and rightly so. On the Bristol trip we set off quite late and the guy put his foot down, outside lane all the way trying for about 90mph all the way and flashing anybody infront who was holding us up. For a few miles the outside lane of the motorway was coned off for roadworks and on one occasion he swerved out into it as there was a gap in the cones that he thought signified the end of the road works, about 2 seconds later he swerved back into the middle lane even quicker as he realised that it was just a gap for site access. If he'd had eleven pints there'd be another five lads for the rememberance group to remember.
  21. You lucky, lucky fucker! We got there on time and saw it all. 😂
  22. I remember it well, we thought we had the man to lead us back with Charlie, the rest is history...
  23. Last time I saw Dave was when I bumped into him at THE Friday night Hull City match at Boothferry Park so probably about the same time you did. Just googled that match to check what year it was and the BEN had the official Bolton following that night as approximately 3,700. Big fiddle on the gate receipts going on there if my memory serves me correctly
  24. With you among others, didn't you go in the seats with the home fans as you didn't want to get your hair wet? 😄 We set off from Cyn's in a Sierra driven by Big Pauls insurance man if I remember correctly. Think Dave R, and one of your mates - Jimmy G? - were in the car with us too.
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