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  1. Heard they didnt have a clue who was involved, so every fucker has to be a member now 🧐
  2. I heard there was a kick off in the north stand the other week and this is how the club have reacted.
  3. No cash turnstiles for the Stockport game.
  4. Its fucked. Not letting me buy a stockport ticket, despite being a member. Anyone else?
  5. I’m the same. Don’t see the point of it. If there is a point, why not tell everyone when the launch it. Only thing I can see is they get more customer details on their data base.
  6. I presume no one will have any historical data, so it seems easier for away fans to get tickets in our end (if needed) now.
  7. Horwich


    Its gonna have some sort of brewery there making their own stuff aswell.
  8. Horwich


    Barnstormers will be open next season.
  9. Plymouth 6/4 isn’t a bad shout with the way we played yesterday and the injuries we have.
  10. Home vs stockport good tie
  11. I was in the hotel after the game and you cant fault them for what they did with the quick pours. The problem is the staff at the stadium and no one is ever gonna work somewhere like that, for about 5 hours, a couple of times a month.
  12. Beer tents are for clubs like Accy Stanley. We need to set our sights higher
  13. Beehive opening soon and Barnstormers next year, so they will be fine elsewhere.
  14. Correct. I would spend more this afternoon if they had a bar you could go in before the game
  15. The perfect place would be in the North Stand to replace Keoghs. Read something on here to say they are moving? Cant see any demand on it being an office ever again. A proper sports bar thats used all year round. Mainly catering for the younger end (burgers, wings etc)
  16. Looks like they are moving grounds to the AJ bell end of Mcr.
  17. Why would folk wanna sit in their usual seat. 🙄 Its for charity. Just sit wherever.
  18. If you have booked a room, its not like they wont let you in.
  19. Horwich


    It gives sky sports news something to chat shit about
  20. My dad worked with him for 20 years at Franny Lee’s. He always spoke so highly of him. Met him on a few occasions. Before my time, but what a player by all accounts. R.I.P Freddie 😢
  21. Its another way to support the club, so it will do for me.
  22. Thomason is shite and it seems like IE finally agrees. Has he even been on the pitch in a league game yet?
  23. Thought it was fitting that they got him a BWFC cake 😍
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