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  1. Not been for a while. It's a London thing.
  2. Isn't (wasn't) he in the North Stand?
  3. Just saw this on The Wanderer (I know) Can anyone confirm what the situation is with the Lifeline payments? Are they still ring-fenced or will the administrators be dipping into this pot too? Anyone know?
  4. Brilliant. That's some achievement. As is what you posted above being able to sustain 10mph for 7.5km. That's 6 min per mile pace. I can just about do that for a mile!!! Yesterday I ran Hackney Half Marathon in 1:35:02. An average pace of 7.15 min/mile or 8.25 mph
  5. Aye. I live up near Cockfosters and Trent Park. Fantastic trails up there (and one or two hills) And yes, both times I've done Ironman I quit the booze for 6 months. Couldn't face getting on the bike at 5.30 on a Sunday morning still pissed from the night before. Fantastic achievement though. You should try at least a sprint distance. I rarely get running injuries now I can bike and run too.
  6. I don't like running in Central London. Was on a project in Waterloo these last three years and the amount of runners up and down Southbank of a lunchtime was amazing. I've maintained my fitness from Ironman last year and my shorter distance times are better and better. No doubt I'll 'do a hammy' at some stage but, like you, for now I'm really enjoying my running.
  7. I don't bother with negatives in a 5km. It's a balls out sprint. I broke 20 last November. 19.45. A mate of mine paced me round. It nearly broke me (I'm 52) but I've ticked it off. 😁 Trying to break 1:30 half marathon this year. Paddock Wood I did 1:30:07 😬
  8. Yep. Hill reps and negative splits (run 20 minutes in one direction and try to get back in 19) Tri season just started again for me yesterday. Only a sprint but building up to a 'Half Distance' in July I'm also doing Helvellyn Tri in September.
  9. Something else that hasn't (largely) been picked up on. During that press conference yesterday he took the opportunity (by way of a pile of files) to say that he was handing over all his business interests to his two sons to avoid any 'conflicts of interest' whilst in power. So he cannot influence any decisions his sons take and therefore not be involved in any way. Clear? When asked by a reporter what would happen if they did a lousy job he replied ''I'll tell 'em they're fired'' in an hilarious The Apprentice style pastiche. Now, does that mean he has (temporarily) handed over the companies? If not, how sure is he that his sons will sign them back? The man's a massive (and now highly dangerous) bellend. And if he pisses off the CIA and FBI enough he won't live to be impeached.
  10. Lived on Eskrick Street 1970 to 1980 and went to St.Joseph's. Used to walk up Ralph Street and Raphael (pronounced Rapheel) Street every day. Used to love Storey's and also May's further down Raphael Street. Excellent Lancashire Cheese she used to serve. And the 'Tree Fee' was excellent for Chinese Arrows as well as football. Although not usually at the same time.
  11. Pleased with this. Should win more games than we lose for a change.
  12. 8 mph gets you a 3hrs 20min. Marathon time. I'd take that.
  13. Madonnallah Allah Time Low
  14. I switched to First Utility 2 years ago from British Gas and saved nearly £800 in the first year. (Dual Fuel) They have reviewed my tariff twice to make sure I don't build up too much credit and adjust the payments accordingly. All readings submitted online. Piece of piss.
  15. I was asked where I get my Silver Highlights done once. Proud to be grey. Been going since my early 20's
  16. Never met him but did speak to him on a couple of occasions on the 'phone. The most memorable was when we were 'twixt managers (either after BSA or LSL) and Glenn Hoddle was being touted as a possible replacement. I had no issue with Hoddle as a manager but I did with his odious views on disability and I emailed PG to tell him how (for personal reasons) unhappy I would be if he were to be employed by BWFC. His response, and I quote from his email, was: "I can assure you that will not happen under my stewardship of the club" I also spoke to him on another occasion about trying to organise a 'Galacticos' night to get all those who had left (Youri, JJ, Campo, Hierro etc) back for one final game to officially thank them for the great times we'd had. We spoke for about an hour on that and a number of other things and I was very grateful to have had the opportunity to speak to him. Thanks Phil. R.I.P.
  17. I went on Honeymoon in '94. Stayed on the North side near Puerto Plata in a town called Sosua Place was basic but good enough. All inclusive but the food was vary samey and invariably cooked in peanut oil. Hotel served local bottled beers and Miller. Spirits were branded and I had my fair share of Cuba Libres - a local rum and coke. Town was fine but don't expect Oxford Street. A couple of nice fish restaurants and a Subway (which I hadn't heard of but the ham salad roll after a week of oily hotel food was like Mannah) Took a couple of excursions, one was the Rum Runners jeep adventure (6 hours in a jeep drinking). The other was a horse trek up into the mountains with a couple of stop off points to eat and swim. Lots of Germans there too. I mean locals actually living there. Rest of the time was beach and booze. Nice and relaxing. Be reet
  18. She doesn't offer much up front.......
  19. But if it's NOT to go in here, where IS it supposed to go? I'm confused by the OP. Enough to break my silence after God knows how long!
  20. I think it's meant to stop scousers buying in the home end.
  21. That must have been after his run round Jumbles Reservoir. He went from having a pant in the country, to being, well, you know the rest.
  22. The report in the Sun described Warburtons as a West Yorkshire company.
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