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  1. Semi v Villa from 04 on the official youtube channel.
  2. Question regarding the Rangers BWFC love in. Does it work both ways?
  3. Not technically todays games but tomorrows. Andy Lonergen set to start for Liverpool on Saturday as doubts over Adrian after injury on Wednesday. He must be in dreamland
  4. Every wanderers shirt in my lifetime bar 4 and randomly a mexico shirt with Borgetti on the back
  5. Theboybell


    Video of him posing for a selfie and pleading for the fan to sort him some Cocaine. Cant post but someone cleverer than me can do. Such a sad and desperate state of affairs
  6. Minimum wage is age specific
  7. Has anyone said Gundi? Nothing player at Spurs for years before we took him
  8. Gudjonsen must be well up there.
  9. Totally forgot we had a home game left. Another 2-1 loss for me with us scoring in front of an empty stadium on 85 mins
  10. if we do keep him and by some miracle we do go up he would by default get another season in the Championship which can't happen so might as well get rid now and plan for the future.
  11. Sentiment is right but the part about fines being as much as he spends on a single night out makes him come across as a bit of a dick.
  12. Are we safe from a points deduction thus far?
  13. Ihttps://twitter.com/alfieperkins_/status/1104736113208541184?s=19 Seems the Birmingham fans are really excelling themselves today.
  14. 150/1 for bolton to win from ere. Scratch that 500/1 Swansea ahead
  15. We won. Good night al round. No discussion needed. Its why we love football
  16. Think none payment of wages may have had something to do with his depature
  17. That the DJ that aske the lady footballer to twerk.schoolboy error if ever there was one
  18. Last min call not to go today. Its a sad day but just cant do it.
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