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  1. And they rested a few players with the weekend in mind.
  2. She got a parking ticket for parking on the pavement, saying the double yellows didn't apply on the pavement. Was blaming every Bolton fan that walked past.
  3. Brighton have been linked
  4. Max Watters not playing for them is a big boost, maybe the best striker in the league
  5. I was at that Boxing day too. Ten years, that's gone quickly! The next day watching Cook grind them down was great too
  6. We'll be ok once we've shifted the dead wood from the previous manager
  7. Baptiste completed most passed in the division on Saturday. Jake Turner was MOTM for Morecambe
  8. If Forest Green play like the start of last season I think we might lose. If like the end of last season then 2-2 or 3-2 to us. Have listened to the Not the top 20 podcast (which I find to be pretty good) prediction show. They don't have us in the playoffs even. Think the favourites title is lazy on the back of Sarcevic and Doyle signings but they don't rate our squad after that at all. Also said Doyle couldn't score at Bradford with no service and they don't see where it'll come from for us.
  9. There's gonna be some gerrit forwards from the NSL when fans are back in and the short corners will not be popular. I like what we're trying to do so far but a few sloppy mistakes are giving Bradford the better chances.
  10. Ooh, actually two scousers came in to do the after match chat, will try to check if he was one of them.
  11. I did, saw them play Bradford Didn't realise he had played for them though
  12. I didn't read it as negative. Pretty balanced really. It included bits about how the EFL have been impressed with Brittan and James and how they're going quietly about their business. I found the bits about the hotel interesting didn't realise it was still in admin. Overall quite an informative piece.
  13. Strikes me the BN saw that the Athletic had researched and put out a well written story and they thought we better get a headline and quickly cobbled together story so that it looks like we're in touch.
  14. Interesting article in the athletic about conditions for fans attending again and one is none transferable tickets to allow government track and trace. Other things mentioned include staggered arrival times and no leaving a few minutes early as different sections of the ground need to be released at different times after the game. All this is going to be very difficult to enforce! But how effective the measures are will determine how big the capacity can be
  15. Sad to hear this news. Always had time for a chat, especially if I'd travelled to a game on my own. Was part of the Budapest to Belgrade bus, was good to spend time with him then. @SatanGreavsie, can we have the story from one of the Euro trips where he was telling a story about Tadeusz Nowak. I'll let you do the punchline.
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