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  1. Thought I was going to make it through the school year, got so close. My lateral flow on Sunday was negative but girlfriend's was positive. Both did PCR a few hours later and both positive. Both work in schools so done well to make it this far. School has had false positives and false negatives on lateral flows this week
  2. I checked today at my second test and they are Innova ones. I'll keep an eye out to see if this changes as the weeks go on.
  3. I'd expect grammar schools with few kids in school can deliver pretty good live lessons. If I get rota'd at home anytime this lockdown I'll deliver live to every class, I really enjoy planning the interactive stuff and thinking of ways to check they're getting it. At the moment we're all staff in school as lots of kids been tested and coming in. I'm with them during the day so the best I can manage is recording videos the evening before. This part closure is inefficient to say the least in terms of catering for those at home.
  4. Didn't notice sorry. I'll keep my eye out on Thursday though!
  5. It was a throat and nose swab but the lateral flow quick results type. Have to have another on Thursday apparently and it's weekly from there unless I teach a kid who tests positive in which case I will be tested daily for seven days
  6. Had my first weekly covid test today. School have set up a full testing centre and have tested all staff today. No military, no dad's army of volunteers (remember when the nation were called to arms) just admin and school staff repurposed and retrained over the holidays to run this test centre in the sports hall for as long as it's needed. Felt very proud of what our SLT have achieved over the holidays. We're ready for 400 key worker and vulnerable kids tomorrow. All staff in teaching a full timetable for the kids that are in and recording lessons for kids that are at home.
  7. Id happily have the next two weeks off and work two extra weeks on the summer if the government decide they want that. It would save two weeks of pain now of having some kids in school and some at home.
  8. Yeah, we concluded that it was better to pre record the lesson for the kids to watch at home. Also for many families they don't have the facilities for two or more kids to work live at the same time. It's fair to say that I don't feel the need to be handing any money back to the government as suggested by some though.
  9. Monday will be recording lessons and having my first of two covid tests of the week. We're expecting 400 kids in in Tuesday. So they'll be taught in school in their normal classes. So then in teh evenings we'll record lessons for the next day for kids that are learning at home. School IT budgets just don't stretch to the fancy facilities of private sector so it isn't possible to simultaneously teach in the classroom and to the kids at home so it's all extra. Maybe teachers will get bonuses for the overtime like the civil servants have been (while they sit comfortably at home). The he
  10. Brighton have been linked
  11. Max Watters not playing for them is a big boost, maybe the best striker in the league
  12. They are uncertain because as things stand on 1 January they can't do their business in a country unless they've applied to the regulator. Which many haven't done as it's expensive and they never thought they'd actually end up in that position
  13. I was at that Boxing day too. Ten years, that's gone quickly! The next day watching Cook grind them down was great too
  14. As things stand a financial services company wanting to do business in the EU now will have to apply to the regulators in each individual country, that's a lot of legal fees. I'm told that Sunak gave free access to EU companies to offer financial services in the UK last month without needing to be regulated by the FCA, presumably as a sweetner. Maybe it will be reciprocated.
  15. Has anyone been to the doctor's for one? I've heard of two 88yos who have had it up here but they had to go to the uni for it. Another young extremely vulnerable is having it at the hospital tomorrow. Know an 86yo who's hoping for a call soon and would willingly drive to the uni. Not sure it's going to surgeries yet though?
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