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  1. This is a big issue. Our state pensions aren't a pot that money is put into and saved for each of us. The state pension comes from money the government receives at the time. We need migration to kee the average age of the country down. Germany have good policies for this I believe.
  2. Think Derby had all restrictions lifted a couple of weeks ago. No idea why so quickly
  3. Aye, this is right. It's like investing in any bond. It's risk Vs reward. My only problem with this really is that judgement could be clouded because it's BWFC and these investments should only really be sold to folk who understand the product they are buying fully.
  4. And this is also part of the challenge for the club. The season ticket holders put money into BWFC. Away tickets go to our rivals. So any away ticket scheme can't really about money for the club, other than the sense of not wanting to upset season ticket holders who do most of the away games.
  5. Alfie May will end up at Wrexham
  6. Two poor challenges when Pompey are breaking quickly, definitely bookings and hampers us defensively now
  7. No. You just allocate two to your season ticket
  8. Well timed industrial action. All sorted behind the goal. Usually miss out on these 10am released tickets
  9. I'm in that teaching union and voted not to strike only because I feel this year 11 have had schooling tougher than any year due to COVID and as a maths teacher maybe if we can keep school open some y11 kids can come in for maths. I also don't want a pay rise over 5% if it has to come from existing school funds as schools are starting to not replace non teaching staff now due to budgets, and that can't be good for a school. If there's more strikes after exam kids leave I'd probably strike to be honest. I'm at a good state school, desirable to teach at. As a maths teacher I now teach some computing as we can't get recruit a computing teacher to replace those that have left post COVID to the private sector to work from home for much better pay. This means other subject teachers now teach my y8/9 maths groups as there is also a shortage of qualified maths teachers. Just 300/400 people are training to teach computing in the whole country this year! Secondary school teaching is no longer desirable to graduates with pay down 20% ish in real terms over the last decade. How will this country achieve growth if kids aren't taught maths and computing by well qualified teachers. Isn't this was Sunak said was key just the other week.
  10. My best mate and his brothers are Rotherham fans, they're currently preparing a rota to make sure one of them is available to drive him here
  11. I think I'll have a spare but it's U16
  12. Cheers, that'll do for today. School budgets are ridiculously tight this year
  13. Does the school still open for parking?
  14. The number of kids there in Bolton kits was just brilliant. This could be a big season in drawing the next generation in.
  15. Santos was on the touchline placing a wreath
  16. Legacy is the first word that came to my mind and I see lots of people have already used it. When he set up wways from rivals HW couldn't have known what it would have become. I've made some close friends through wways over almost the last 20 years of my life, and lots of other people that I've enjoyed bumping into over the years too. Thank you HW and RIP
  17. I really enjoy watching us under Evatt. I hope he sticks with his principles. We didn't strengthen much yet from a team that was built from scratch to play in league two - that is living within our means which is all everyone wanted. A top half finish and push on again next season would be great. Especially watching us pulls teams apart at times. We do need to stop conceding early because a lot of teams are exhausted against us be 70 mins, if we can improve defensively and keep patience with the style this will be a team to enjoy the next few seasons. Once the bawlers and moaners from NSL had left yesterday, the positive noise went up and the players got a boost.
  18. And they rested a few players with the weekend in mind.
  19. She got a parking ticket for parking on the pavement, saying the double yellows didn't apply on the pavement. Was blaming every Bolton fan that walked past.
  20. Thought I was going to make it through the school year, got so close. My lateral flow on Sunday was negative but girlfriend's was positive. Both did PCR a few hours later and both positive. Both work in schools so done well to make it this far. School has had false positives and false negatives on lateral flows this week
  21. I checked today at my second test and they are Innova ones. I'll keep an eye out to see if this changes as the weeks go on.
  22. I'd expect grammar schools with few kids in school can deliver pretty good live lessons. If I get rota'd at home anytime this lockdown I'll deliver live to every class, I really enjoy planning the interactive stuff and thinking of ways to check they're getting it. At the moment we're all staff in school as lots of kids been tested and coming in. I'm with them during the day so the best I can manage is recording videos the evening before. This part closure is inefficient to say the least in terms of catering for those at home.
  23. Didn't notice sorry. I'll keep my eye out on Thursday though!
  24. It was a throat and nose swab but the lateral flow quick results type. Have to have another on Thursday apparently and it's weekly from there unless I teach a kid who tests positive in which case I will be tested daily for seven days
  25. Had my first weekly covid test today. School have set up a full testing centre and have tested all staff today. No military, no dad's army of volunteers (remember when the nation were called to arms) just admin and school staff repurposed and retrained over the holidays to run this test centre in the sports hall for as long as it's needed. Felt very proud of what our SLT have achieved over the holidays. We're ready for 400 key worker and vulnerable kids tomorrow. All staff in teaching a full timetable for the kids that are in and recording lessons for kids that are at home.
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