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  1. It's a good 30 minute walk out of town
  2. Mines come back on. No commentary and no score!
  3. Season 2? You mean series 2 surely?
  4. They do a 300g tin now which is perfect for those of us that want to eat more than half but less than a full size normal tin.
  5. I don't think half time counts
  6. What are fans, dryers and vacuum cleaners then if they aren't methods of moving air and as for your second comment the above are a little closer to a ventilator than the internal combustion engine and aerodynamics are
  7. What on earth do you think a hair dryer, fan or vacuum cleaner does?
  8. You would have had more faith in somebody who builds racing cars than somebody who already has experience in air movement?
  9. https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/19252017.bolton-wanderers-boss-ian-evatt-injury-update-declan-john-antoni-sarcevic/ This is the latest team news I believe
  10. I don't know which article you read but the one I read said John was 50/50 and that Sarcevic would definitely be in the squad
  11. They are doing over 30's at Watermeetings today apparently
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