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  1. At that rate we'll need the front 3 rows installing before the weekend!
  2. Just use incognito mode. Read as many as you want then
  3. I'm in Sweden at the moment so was relying on Google. One minute we were winning 5-4 the next we were losing 5-4 🤦‍♂️
  4. Local rag confirms that Politic is possibly being shipped out on loan
  5. Politic 77 minutes Ronald Mcdonald House Charities
  6. It'll look even better with a pair of 3/4 length trousers and crocs
  7. Cheapest Hublot I can find is £4300 (admittedly I've not looked very hard)
  8. It's almost in Albir! (possible slight exaggeration) I once had to walk from the Old Town up to near Benidorm Palace to catch a bus as the main road along the front was shut due to a fun run or something. Luckily it was November so it wasn't too warm
  9. Its closer to 30 minutes especially in the summer heat (and it's up hill)!
  10. It's a good 30 minute walk out of town
  11. I'm not sure, ask Waddy!
  12. Mines come back on. No commentary and no score!
  13. I don't think half time counts
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