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  1. Is Amos finally out of contract yet?
  2. I would include the second or so after it bounces. To me, a half volley is when the ball is on its way up just after a bounce. Proper hard technique to keep them buggers down.
  3. Same date that I emigrated - biggest change in my life. I remember if for the final Burnden match more, however.
  4. It is now Derby have equalized...
  5. My last game before I emigrated. I was sat right on the divider next to the Stoke fans. Painful. So painful.
  6. Might not be 3 weeks ago but some on here were gushing over him and saying how he should be first on the defense teamsheet, maybe alongside Dervite or Wheater. My point is, we go from loving a player one week to baying for his blood the next. We're special.
  7. He wasn't good, but three weeks ago he was the best defender we had. We really have some mental fans, and not in a good way.
  8. Noone has made a big difference since he came on.
  9. McBurnie pretended Pratley had headbutted him and went down holding his face.
  10. That pale Scottish twat needs to get knocked out. He's proper winding me up.
  11. It's hard to win in the most recent few matches when all the opposition players are allowed to block shots with their hands. I make that 5 or 6 penalties we should/could have had in the past 3 games alone.
  12. I'd have Little and Robinson in for Flanagan and Taylor, and Karacan in for Vela (who has been a major disappointment for me this season).
  13. It would have... if he could have caught him... which he couldn't have... he tried, but he's just too slow.
  14. Have the league decided to forego the last 4 games then?
  15. Clough's legs are (at best) 3 feet long. He was at least 6 feet behind their runner the whole way until he was inside our box. Should he take one for the team then? He's slow, he couldn't catch the guy - if he'd have tried and missed the guy would be free and clear without even that little bit of pressure on him. It wasn't even that guy who scored. Who was coming back with the the other Millwall players? Who was with the guy who DID score?
  16. Bit soon for that, but we're certainly making it hard for ourselves.
  17. One or two today looked up for it. Ameobi in the first half, and Alfie kept trying the whole game.
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