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  1. I can add ,relagation in 64, struggling then Nat took over as manger and brought in the young lads but got relagated to the third division for first timeJimmy armfield took over. Used all the young lads ,Peter Reid ana co plus Johnny byrom. The big cup games Sunderland ,Newcastle Leeds etc brilliant champs of 3 division in 73. Armfield left ,greaves took over , Everton cup games 50 k home and away ,the top of division 2 years 76 77 78 brilliant the frank worthy years.then the slump again , 4 managers In one season , Charlie wright as fkin manager, shit years but also brilliant, few years slip
  2. I’m with the opinion of quite a few on here as in let them go and play in this so called super league. Think it will soon get boring with the same teams ending at the top again , kick them out they can’t have it both ways ! If we end up with a financially weakened comp so what it will be the same for everybody . The only worry I have is will rich backers get involved with clubs if there is no massive financial gain for them to be had ?
  3. Can’t understand anyone wanting to slag off one of our young players, what’s wrong with people , what about a bit of encouragement for Thomason who in my opinion has got a great future ahead of him, and hopfully for years to come . Also hope the club extend Evatts contract for a few years , he’s definitely won me over with this brand of football.
  4. Maddison hadn’t played much first team games for a while and I suppose Evatt has persuaded him to come here with the promise of game time .So what does Evatt do ,keep playing him while playing crap until he comes good, or leave him out altogether? Evatt winning me over now,I trust him to work it out .
  5. How can some people on here get so upset with the commentators with a lot of vile comment about them ? Because he shouted offside ! Just turn the sound down ,chill be happy with 3 points c o y w
  6. I also agree with comments about Williams. He puts himself about a lot and tries to keep the game flowing, reminds me of Roy greaves ,not the best but because of his work rate good to have in your team . We seemed to tire early second half, could be because of the effort put in at Mansfield . Wish they would stop passing back to Gilkes on a bobbly pitch though, no need for it .great 3 points in the end c o y w .
  7. I agree, we’re wasting our time playing to you to me to you to me then back to the goalie and he kicks it into touch !we haven’t got the player that can thread a killer pass ,just get the ball up the field quicker. Got to say Thomason looks a great prospect .
  8. You can’t waste time playing around at the back making poor sometimes short passes and not taking the game to the opposition ,not even having a shot in the first 30 odd minutes. We’re at home to morecombe and we’ve only had about 15 mins of decent football.
  9. in a game we needed to win we start off with sideways pass up to half way then all the way tippy tap back to the goalie , this went on up to when we scored , then it got slightly better . Overall they were the better team . This football evatt is giving us is crap .
  10. His interview doesn’t give me any inspiration whatsoever , he’s signing players who are unfit, not as good as the ones we’ve got and not playing our own youngsters for experience . Is it all a big waiting game for next season,I just wish fv would just give us a hint on what the big plan is for the future because we’ve been conned this season so they owe us that much , I really don’t know if evatt is the future , cos he’s not got the tools yet to do a proper job and all the staff around him , it’s all a mess. Fingers crossed we survive this season .
  11. Salford ffs, last time I saw them v athy Coll’s ,probably bout 50 people on.Now built new ground , new team, sack and re hire managers ,all with a backing of about 2 k fans . What about financial far play ? I just hope our owners will invest in us after embargo.. but listening to Evatt talk , I don’t hold out much hope.
  12. why are we spending all this time on Crellin when he is not our player?
  13. Ian Evatt has decided to keep playing a young inexperienced goalie who is not even our player !. If he has a problem with him,it’s his fault . Where does Alexandra figure in all this? From what I can remember of him he would be just as good if not better than Crellin and he’s our player . Where is Alexandra getting his game time from ?
  14. A better idea would for the top six to leave the prem and join a new super European league. Re structure our football league with the teams left from the premier and form 4 divisions again .it would then give nearly every club a chance to win something rather than the big six closed shop all the time .
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