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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


leigh white

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1 hour ago, MickyD said:

That train is going to be creaking.


I cocked up last time and bought tickets that arrive at 09:30 rather than depart at 09:30. Get on the train, on trots @leigh white who we assumed had made the same mistake. “Arrives half an hour later than I was hoping” was his response.

In +3 on train

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Used to be my favourite away trip. Nice train ride & station, lovely town (though they did used to shut a lot of the pubs when we were there )  & a quirky, almost town centre ground.

It's not the same now with a soulless, out of town ground but still in +3.

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Just for info. if anyone is arriving by train, or going into the town centre it's barely a 20 minute walk for those who do that sort of thing.

Town is, obviously, full of boozers. Closer to the ground not so many and likely to be less welcoming to largish numbers of away fans.

.... and the Abbey has a magnificent array of ancient stained glass which the monks kept despite Henry VIII's destructive tendencies. For those who do THAT sort of thing !

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