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  1. I need to start going to church.
  2. As Miami will testify, some poor fecker is in for a very long day sat next to you 😁
  3. Safest pair of hands we could ever of hoped for.
  4. Bollocks, he looked like he'd been sleeping rough for a month. Did Shearer stamp on him? 😁
  5. U OK now hun? 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
  6. The kind of person who feels at home surrounded by plastic patio furniture? 😁
  7. Did your parents name you after your dad... Rodney? 😂😂😂😂😂
  8. Does he wear loafers & spend a lot of time suing people? 😂
  9. Queen Shazza is beyond reproach, I would happily fall on my sword to protect her.... In a Billy Joe Saunders stylee 😁
  10. I wouldn't champion Led Zep for the same reason.
  11. She wouldn't have if she'd had time to do due diligence but we needed a manager in place & Hill was Johnny on the spot.
  12. Better to go straight to the top man & ask Gonzo 😉
  13. Well out of our reach anyway.
  14. If he'd picked on some random bloke in a boozer whilst giving it Charlie big bollocks I'd consider him a cunt but he's taken it to a couple of pricks who were goading him & inviting him to show them what he was going to do. I think he was quite amenable for taking the time to indulge them. 😂
  15. Just need Chino to pitch up at Wigan now 😁
  16. No bigger cunt set foot on a football pitch than Dioufy but when he's your cunt you don't care.
  17. They can send him here if they want.
  18. Don't see Sam dropping that low & from the last video I saw of Lennon I doubt he'll be managing anywhere for quite a while.
  19. Ollie Mcburnie twatting Bert & Ernie by the sound of it... Soft fuckers wouldn't put the phone down & go down that side alley with him. Fair fucks to the lad, don't see why he should take shit off these little knobheads just because he's a footballer. Hope he gets off with it & they get battered every week off Utds BBC.
  20. I don't think fuming is a good way to describe a Bradford fan today of all days 😕
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