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  1. As long as Kachunga still served the 3 match ban I'd be happy.
  2. To a man the rest of the team were excellent but Dempsey & Bradley were immense..... Tonight was the Dempsey we were expecting when he signed & then some.
  3. That team of officials were totally inept, it was like an exercise in how not to referee a football match. As for Kachunga, if he just once showed that kind of aggression when he had the ball at his feet it'd be bordering on a miracle.
  4. Tbf whilst Liam the co host isn't the most clued up SJM holds it all together pretty well & they are a decent listen..... Particularly enjoyed Thommo's.
  5. He would probably be their most baffling appointment yet, unless they want to get relegated.
  6. There's no chance they were getting his wallet out though 🤣
  7. And there are plenty of clubs who have spunked a lot of money & failed to get out of this league... I'm only interested in us & we are still improving...... Does Plymouth success make Evatt a failure? Did Plymouth get out of League 2 whilst suffering the same handicaps as we did?
  8. It might take longer than that, a very good Ian Greaves side needed 3 attempts to crack promotion & they had more about them.
  9. Plymouth haven't had to recover from where we were a couple of years ago though.
  10. Get the ball to him & it would stick, he'd win his fair share of fouls too. It comes back far too easily when played into Charles.
  11. Is where I'm at with it.... I think Nlundulu & Shoretire will improve us but I'd give anything for a Nathan Blake type up top, we're far too lightweight.
  12. We are neat & tidy in possession but just lack a bit of extra zip, everything seems a split second too slow.
  13. Fair point, but he was, injured.... Blake was just fat & shit.
  14. On minutes played Blake would take some beating on his money.
  15. At least he's used to being around Donkeys.
  16. I'd forgive them all of the above if they hadn't given us Cilla, Tarby & Ricky fuckin Tomlinson!!!!
  17. It's a cheap night out if he's on a piss up with you.... Pints of water all round barman!!
  18. Please don't get my hopes up 😁
  19. I went in a car with 3 Liverpool 'fans' from work.... I nearly ended up walking home 😁
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