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  1. He hasn't been fully connected for a long time 😁
  2. I remember them waiting on the park outside the ground but soon pegged it when our lads charged them.
  3. Most of us weren't looking sailor 😂
  4. I'd like to see the form table since January, we would be miles clear on that. Good to see Sarce back, perfect timing as GT might be in need of a breather. 2-0 next week with goals from Santos & Baptiste would be the perfect way to clinch promotion.
  5. It's his view on the game & he's entitled to it ( tbf he's not wrong 😊). I'm sure deep down he is as happy as everyone else on here.
  6. Can't believe people are on here saying they were shitting bricks watching that & then you get called for that post 😂
  7. Out of our 4 wide midfielders ( including Fonz in there) the only one I'd keep for next season is Isgrove, the rest create nothing.
  8. We won't see Afolayan 2nd half, he's been shite & is likely to get sent off. Fonz on instead.... The Whites are going up! 😁
  9. Rhodri will be devastated 😂
  10. I would imagine Browny didn't press charges as a favour to Toddy senior.
  11. Fucked if I know... Watching Pablo wank over her maybe? 😁
  12. Gemma Collins doing a 7 gig tour apparently, tickets £41!.... I'm sure she will fill every venue 😁
  13. Thank you, no idea why you had to complicate it with kit kats in the 1st place though.
  14. You may be right. I was only a youngster & my recollection could be skewed. We had a decent following down our side of the ground though.
  15. Tuned in for a bit this afternoon for the first times in ages.... Who's the gorgeous presenter? The female one before you all start 😁
  16. Thank you, no idea why you had to complicate it with kit kats in the 1st place though. 😁
  17. I was at both. Think we had about 7,000 at Cardiff. The Boro game was called off due to snow on the Saturday... it was as rough as fuck that night, we probably had a couple of thousand iirc, Stan Cummins brace for them.
  18. Ole at the wheel again? 😁
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