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  1. You feel a snap or pop? maybe a crackle? 😁
  2. Did she ever get her tits out when she was on Suits? Asking for a friend 👀
  3. So you want a player to fit a good song ? Gotcha.
  4. When do we reckon Lizzie is having the darkie bumped off then?
  5. Rudy


    KFC are doing a vegan burger. Would a vegan happily go and buy a vegan meal from KFC?
  6. Rudy


    He’ll get the nod as well. He picks inform players. Usually.
  7. Not to mention 9 times out of 10 he’d get sparked out.
  8. They’ve already got the carpet and the rambling old racist, they’re half way there.
  9. I exercise with the people I work with so I pretty much exercise everyday. To lose weight I would say exercise every other day but have two days in the week consecutive exercising.
  10. Yeah it’s great that.
  11. I’m with Spider you don’t unintentionally shoot down a jumbo fuckin jet.
  12. We got 6 million for Madine. We should be tried at The Hague for that. No from me, our style isn’t that direct anymore
  13. Scorcese, Al Pacino, De Niro , Pesci what more do you want man?
  14. Rudy


    Vardy suits the Leicester set up. England team is set up differently. I fear for us if we don’t have a fully fit Kane.
  15. 50 killed in a stampede at a funeral now friendly fire against a civilian plane. rubber dingy rapids
  16. My application for a wall built around Lostock can’t come quick enough. Or a dome over Horwich
  17. Saw a woman in Horwich this morning out and about in pyjamas and a dressing gown. Thought this was punishable by death in H-Town
  18. History of smoking weed Moving to a country where it’s legal.
  19. Winning a league fair enough. FA cup, get to shite. League Cup, Jockey Wilson has won a few of them
  20. “I’ll try a bit of the paella” ”K?”
  21. Kat Slater still getting her cans out?
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