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  1. I’ll take a draw. Watched these a few weeks ago and they’re a strange one, have periods of huge attacking intent then just drop off then go again. Have to be at our very best
  2. Rudy


    I was referring to Parky
  3. I was willing to give him a shot, even redeem himself but he’s royally fucked up he’s costing the club bunce through misguided arrogance
  4. Rudy


    Had an early night with a Horlicks when we got promoted
  5. Rudy


    That’s got to be one of the highest debts for a championship club in administration
  6. Rudy


    £60m worth of debt
  7. There’s the argument that his fresh legs later on have had a bigger impact recently. He’d be unlucky not to start though
  8. I’ll get this wrapped up and submitted. Not going to carry this on anymore due to constant taunting from two posters. It was done to try and help better causes but the constant digs by these two have made me stop enjoying posting on here. As soon as confirmation comes through I’ll notify all the winners. I’ll send the final donation to a Charity of Neils family’s choosing. Take care WW.
  9. Mate sent it me off BWFC Instagram
  10. Rudy


    Twice you’ve stuck up for him, he’s not gonna shag you
  11. Can’t stop watching the goal
  12. Rudy


    Why because they’re in the championship? Because Rooney is the gaffer, because they’ve played in the PL, because they’re a founding member of the FL? So are we and no one said dick about us. Sky sports ran a countdown clock on us and Bury going out of business. Ratings and clicks over people losing their jobs and livelihoods. Skysports, Neville and co are the biggest bunch of fuckin hypocrites in football. Make this empty gesture of ‘we have to do something’ when it’s fashionable rather than stopping the leak when it starts just so they can say we said it shouldn’t have happened.
  13. Rudy


    With fuckin bells on
  14. If you could bottle it and sell it …..
  15. Hope he’s got his wellies because he’s about to be knee deep in clunge
  16. Didn’t fully train all week
  17. Thought Charles was one of our better players today. Goal was sublime
  18. Bit flat in possession
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