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  1. Ramsey best check under his car when he gets back
  2. They’ll wake up if they lose and spot some unattended garden furniture
  3. Rudy


    Was your research bumming a monkey?
  4. Rudy


    We’re all going to die
  5. Nightmare for you pal
  6. Balaclava/gimp mask No shirt Handbag. Propa gay.
  7. This is gayer than the Jake Daniels thread
  8. Pretty Green Eyes Lads and girls I knocked about with growing up used to go out and about every night. One night me and this lass were the only ones left on the park I walked her home and we sat in her porch listening to this song whilst I fingered her. BANGA
  9. You seen gas and leccy prices? Be out of business by Christmas
  10. Thoughts and prayers luv x
  11. I’d be wearing a bright yellow suit and holding up a sign like you see at the darts ‘I AM HERE’
  12. Who’s assuming guilt ? And they haven’t been named. Questioning the length of time only puts off other victims. Embarrassed, scared, traumatised there could be a lot of reasons.
  13. Gone through more clubs than Tiger woods
  14. I’ll stick it on this weekend. Better Call Saul last episode of the first part 👀
  15. Rudy

    PlayOffs 2022

    It’s utterly retarded. You ain’t won anything
  16. Have you heard Pusha T’s new one ?
  17. Why is that always brought up. What Difference does it make.
  18. Rudy

    PlayOffs 2022

    Just dickheads. It’ll get stamped down on massively this. Euros here in 8 years and they’ll throw the book at this cunt and any clubs who do this going forward.
  19. It’s the traffic around the 61 as well. I’ve seen the argument of well the EFL cup ko’s at 7, yeah there’s also a difference of 10,000 fans It’ll be 7:45 ko
  20. Rudy

    PlayOffs 2022

    B Sharp and the Sheffield Steelers
  21. Rudy

    PlayOffs 2022

    Outrageous that. Luckily he’s only bloodied and shook up.
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