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  1. Gary O'Neil still in charge at Bournemouth for now I believe
  2. Not going but I'd field a relatively string side here, need to get some momentum back. I'd play as many first choice forwards as are up to it, need to get them bagging and this game a good opportunity for it.
  3. Got 18 and ran out of time, clues definitely gave a bit too much away
  4. I wouldn't say that was particularly much of an occasion leading up to the game? Just one of those results where we were on it and a team that is known for trying to bottle it threw a wobbler.
  5. The moment definitely seems to get to this team, it's a weakness we've had for a while now, where they don't seem to rise to the occasion.
  6. It wouldn't because Aimson couldn't play that RCB role at all well enough, all about creating overloads and carrying the ball into midfield drawing players out. Aimson as good as he was against Morecambe and can be as a traditional CB he's not got the attributes to do that job, Toal might but it'll be some time before we know that. Personally I'd drop Santos for the next game right now, Evatt's ethos is about setting a standard then performances like that are simply unacceptable, not just the mistake the general attitude surrounding it was the issue and his malaise in his entire game. Should have been properly on it today to make up for his sending off and to prove a point with Aimson clearly staking a claim to start.
  7. Is that Santos clearing the ball off the line for them? And regardless, it's a dreadful header that probably didn't deserve the goal.
  8. I think if anyone was going to be eyeing a move away from the midfield group come January it'd be Sadlier for me. I think he's got real quality but doesn't have a nailed on position in the system we play but could definitely start for almost any other team in the league.
  9. Be good if there was a Nandos around
  10. Wouldn't mind another upgrade at CB at all, I'm not sure about Aimson myself so him moved on and either a player in with some experience and a bit quicker on the turn would go down a treat, or even a good loan signing with the understanding they'd be for cover and cups.
  11. He was being sarcastic, that's the image going around Twitter from our fans of an incident where we had claimed the ball was "Two Foot" over the line and should have been a goal. For my money, it does look to be over, but hard to tell.
  12. Well, this thread is going to be full of well-reasoned debate, I can already tell...
  13. I was (and to a point still am) in a weird position with Evatt where I simultaneously realised he is the best man for the job and the process is working towards something very special, but also that I just couldn't bring myself to like the bloke. I think the job he's done so far has been nothing short of phenomenal, the recruitment has been on point for the most part, we play some electric football for the level we're operating at and off the pitch the club is looking healthier than it has in over a decade. But, something about his personality doesn't get me warming to him. But that's fine, I don't have to like him, I absolutely appreciate and respect the job he's doing though.
  14. Anyone know where Toal is up to? Injured or just not up to speed yet?
  15. Intrigued to see what he goes with this evening, imagine a few changes to bring in players that have lacked game time and possibly a start for Toal in there? Dixon Toal, Aimson, Iredale Sadlier, MJ, Thomason, John Lee JDB, Kachunga
  16. I mentioned Johnston being poor, mainly because he was. He made some good recovery blocks and challenges in the first half, but the second half I thought he was caught all at sea a number of times. Not to say I don't think he is or can be good, just didn't have a good second half and I think it's definitely fair to say he's undersized for the position and has a tendency to get bullied by the more physical sides.
  17. For me it's quite a simple change, Bod will come in to help the ball stick. Dapo will start in the 10 and Iredale for Johnstone who I thought was poor last week and has always been quite lightweight regardless. Trafford Jones, Santos, Iredale Bradley, Williams, Morley, John Dapo Charles, Bodvarsson
  18. I don't know about specific forums with polls or threads, but I've heard from enough of them to agree that they definitely thought he was shit and many disliked him.
  19. Other side of this story coming out now... Sounds like Dempsey and his Old Man were the ones nicked for ABH etc. Won't be great for him, and certainly won't look good at all from the club's perspective with this statement, if this alternate side of the story is factual.
  20. Lovely shirt that. Nice, clean and simple. Big fan of the Sponsor playing ball on the colour scheme as well.
  21. Accounts available from today, I'll link a thread I've seen on Twitter. I'm not the most well versed in reading them and the exact details of what they mean, but our borrowing appears up, but from what I can tell our yearly losses more than halved? In the financial year that includes the majority of the covid issues I'd say the numbers are more encouraging than I thought they'd be. https://twitter.com/KieranMaguire/status/1544211580333719552
  22. People getting a bit Nervy at the lack of Dapo in the promo material for this kit...
  23. I reckon the away might be red, which I'm sure won't cause uproar on Bolton Facebook groups...
  24. Not bought one in years so it matters little to me but the collar is shite and the sponsor ain't much better. But it's a promotion winning kit so I'm sure it'll look like a stunner by the end of the season.
  25. Still don't get the abuse Kachunga gets, sure he can go missing here and there, but he's clearly a good footballer. Scored one of our better goals last year and during that period leading up to Christmas was probably our most effective forward player, can do much worse than having him as a 4th choice striker in the squad.
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