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  1. Like when he paid a tramp £20, just so he could go into a pub?
  2. Craft ale wankers
  3. She is, for five consecutive nights 😊
  4. I did, I'd heard some whacky conspiracy from a yank I work with, who said that Taylor Swift would announce it at a Wembley gig in August. Proper bonkers stuff
  5. Good, I presume Kamala Harris will run now, is that how it works? I can't remember, is she OK, or one of the sinister slags?
  6. I'm actually looking at getting one of those. Does it have a decent recline on it, for if I want a nap?
  7. Their sort made me over an hour late for a meeting, the cunts. They should be forced to do hard labour for a 25 year stretch. Then strangled to death.
  8. Sweep

    New kit vote

    100%, I feel sorry for those who think their "vote" will actually have any influence.
  9. Watched the first two, and it looks decent
  10. Cracking the flags in the shires, first time I've been able to sit out in the garden for weeks. Had to come in half an hour ago, as it's so warm
  11. I bet that's getting Bolty very excited
  12. Its not, but it might suit Trump and Putin. And I reckon they don't give a fuck what the rest of Europe thinks
  13. Correct. Fuck the Ukrainians.
  14. Trump has said he'll sort it quickly, and I think he will. And it's easily done, tell Russia they can keep any ground they have gained this far and tell Ukraine they have to suck it up. Then withdraw all support for Ukraine. Easy.
  15. Correct, 9.5% according to Wiki, which is quite a bit lower than I thought it would be
  16. They'll find a way, they always do
  17. That's obscene. A little pot to do the crust into is OK, but not smeared all over the base. I wonder if there is a lobby pizza? 🤔
  18. Sweep

    Euro 24

    At least we can all stop pretending we like international football now. It's shit.
  19. I listened to a long set of podcasts about Putin. He's always been a pure evil individual. He rose to the top by pure virtue of being utterly ruthless. It's actually quite admiral what he's done. He's basically a God in Russia now.
  20. Yes, @bolty58@bolty58, and I don't disagree. He knows what he needs to do,and he does it. He's a horrible, horrible man, who should be nowhere near the job he's going to get (again) he'll win though, because he's clever. His fans, like the simpletons who love Farage, are just happy he's in the running. They don't care or worry or care if he's capable
  21. I thought they were all now pretty much flooded out, therefore almost impossible to re-open
  22. I've said this is what they should do, as their rental income would probably pay their monthly mortgage, and a large chunk of any rental in Spain.
  23. to be honest, I think that's what they're proposing to do for the first couple of years, to make sure it's what they really want to do
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