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  1. Apparently we have, in 1911 to Chesterfield, according to the commentators
  2. I've not got time for foreplay and lube, as well you know
  3. I see us winning tonight, and getting back on track. 2:0 to the whites
  4. Sweep

    Keith Hill

    Indeed it was, probably.
  5. I think he gets to take over as club captain, I look forward to him starting next week (knackered knees allowing of course)
  6. Sweep

    Wiggin Home

    The biggest load of bollocks spoken about in football these days.
  7. @tomskiwill be devastated if it's Jay Jay and not Chris Eagles
  8. I've got a good feeling about today. 2:0 today
  9. If we were offered £3M for him in January, he'd be off. People need to remember our situation. Whilst we are now stable, we're not going to run a huge debt again so any sort of decent cash injection will be more than welcome, it allows us to "reinvest" as well as keep the doors open. Talk of £10M+ for a player who had played 7 L1 games is utter madness
  10. Sweep


    I agree, but it's still a bit of a "tallest dwarf" type competition in reality. We do have the larger attendances, but they're still a bit shit generally
  11. are those players not taking the knee, booing those who are?
  12. Players taking the knee really upsets some people it seems, why don't they just stop going to the match until it stops, or just stay under the concourse until after kick off, so they don't see it? - those that say they are really upset/offended/annoyed by it, can't actually really be that fussed, as they're still attending the games.......... Personally, I can't say it bothers me at all, it takes about 5 seconds, and doesn't have any impact on my life at all, I certainly don't ever feel like anything is being "rammed down my throat" (well, apart from when @Big E sexually abuses me)
  13. It could become a form of "hokey cokey" type dance - the kids would love it
  14. 0:0 tonight, a dour affair all round. Attendance: 11,444
  15. have you got your packed lunch?
  16. Sweep

    Rudy the Red

    this almost slipped off the page.....back to the top 😁
  17. When Mourinho joined them, I recall Bolty saying he liked him, and wanted him to be a success....
  18. Sweep

    Rudy the Red

    yes, big red ones it would seem
  19. balls to that, if he got offered a contract he'd be moving, the kids would get over it. If he's not looking at clubs more than 30 or 40 miles away from where his kids go to school then no wonder he's struggling to fine a club the soft cunt.
  20. I presume we're not letting his admission, of being a Pinkie, that he made yesterday, slip by and be forgotten are we?
  21. I'd have thought very few from Bolton in the grand scheme of things. I'm sure I once read they suspect there were between 10K~12K Bolton fans travelled to that game, and over 100K Londoners. Although, I'm sure we'll never know
  22. Blimey, that's some accolade, considering some of the dross served up in the last 10 years or so
  23. Punting on the Cam
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