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  1. They'll say that it'll be spent on improving the East/West transport links. Folk will lap it up. It won't actually happen.
  2. I'm sure someone who posts on here used to say that if people stopped taking about it, then racism would dissappear 🙂
  3. Indeed, the more they can do to fuck the country over the better it seems
  4. he was in Blakes 7 you dick, not Star Wars
  5. Sweep


    @DazBobmight disagree with you 🙂
  6. get somebody to bum them, if they push back or try to make eye contact, then they're definitely gay
  7. And it would have been much worserer under Corbyn
  8. @Spider, just think, she's sucked his widgie, and let him eat lobby out of her clunge
  9. fair enough. I've travelled on these "bullet trains", not in Japan, but in both China and Taiwan, they are ace...and they're always on time, which is nice. From memory, when they're racing through the countryside, they're bolting along at something like 280/300Km per hour. I remember last time I was in China, I was on one for over 8 hours, at eyewatering speeds, we must have done over 1500 kilometers, we had first class tickets and they cost us about £45 each 🙂 (I'm not comparing costs to the UK, because you just can't really, but it was amazing and less than half the price of an internal flight)
  10. I've got a bye straight through to the semi-finals, I'm that good. And so I should be, I've been practicing or 2 hours a week for 5 months solid
  11. Indeed, the Gammons that watch Wootton and Fox will be frothing at the gills claiming it's cancel culture and no doubt start suggesting that freedom of speech is dead. Fox should have been removed yonks ago, for being a full on mentalist.
  12. Across the four main islands it might be, but I'd be surprised if Honshu is much bigger than the UK
  13. who'd have thought she could actually be more despicable than Priti
  14. I reckon I'd have a go on her
  15. @Spiderlooks like you may have to wait a little bit longer for that TVR that Miami promised you Taxpayer-funded Welsh sports car factory still empty 12 months after refurbishment (vnexplorer.net)
  16. wouldn't the proposed rail line come up in the "searches" prior to the new housing estate being given approval and/or planning permission?
  17. I've said it many times before, the train service for the NW is a national disgrace/embarrasment
  18. The issue with HS2 is that we're already many billions into it, so we can't just stop. If they decide to get rid of the link to Manchester now, then that's just farcical. I've driven past a few sites down here where the landscape has been thoroughly decimated to accommodate HS2. It has to be seen through for me, and it also needs to include the Manchester and Leeds links. The talk of it not actually stretching into central London (Euston) as well is just ridiculous, it has to start/finish in London, otherwise what's the fucking point. The whole projetc seems to have been a massive shambles from start, to not even finished yet. The original budget was £50B wasn't it, and now it's looking like it will be in excess of £100B and that's with a huge chunk of it not actually happening, and not "running" until 2035 at the earliest
  19. not even remotely "thinly veiled"
  20. I like The Chase Tipping Point must be the worst ever.
  21. My mates 8 year old lad, never watches TV, everything is in his tablet, I think he and the tablet have "become one" as its permanently attached to him. He watches some real shit as well, like watching other people playing Mario kart, or I think I caught him once watching kids opening their Christmas presents. It's all very odd
  22. Even though the BBC is a wokey, left leaning, biased cabal with some sort of sinister agenda?* 🙂 *as some dicks would try and have us believe
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