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  1. agreed, which is why I think he goes 3-4-2-1 initially (which can drop to a 5-4-1 with wingbacks) If I was to guess the starting line up for our opening game of the WC, I'd be going Pickford Walker Maguire Stones TTA Phillips Rice Saka Foden Sterling Kane
  2. Temps will be the same for everybody - and the grounds, as they're airconditioned, will keep the temperature fairly stable apparently (I'd hate to be paying those leccy bills)
  3. Southgate has a decent record as our manager, the results show that, unless you can find another manager we've had of late who has done better - I don't think we've done anything "despite" him at all. He is quite defensive, but sadly, that's tournament football for you in general. We'll be there or there abouts this Winter, I don't think we win it though, as we don't have good enough players, especially at CB where we're sadly lacking
  4. yes, it was paid directly into my bank account yesterday, which was a nice little bonus, we're possibly getting another £1K towards it at the end of October apparently, but I'll not hold my breath on that one just yet
  5. Agreed. The Government should keep the money, and use it to reduce the high Council Tax bills we have here in the South East for a year or two 😏
  6. I agree he's not getting it back, which is why he might not agree to a sale. There will be some work around though, no way will Chelsea FC be allowed to go to the wall over this
  7. Also has the potential for a fucking good 4:0 or 5:0 stuffing, sadly 😲
  8. who the fuckery is Marc Guehi? edit: just googled, apparently Palace bought him from Chelsea for £18M last year.....I've still never heard of him
  9. @Trafknows me very well, I'm not sure he'd ever refer to me as a "nice enough chap"
  10. Remember when Brazil and RIIAC used to present on the same morning show, that was when I finally switched off
  11. I don't listen to Talksport purely because of Alan Brazil
  12. This can't be true, surely.....
  13. myself and @Danny Gleft that game after about 20 minutes, it was that bad
  14. it depends if folk want a less stressful job, I'm sure some, especially those getting close to retirement would be happy to go down to those sort of levels for an easy life and the chance to work at the club they love
  15. Whenever we advertise a job at our place, we never mention a salary
  16. For people with this amount of money, it's not about making more money I don't think, I've always presumed it's just a status thing.
  17. They're brown though, so they don't matter as much
  18. Sweep

    MK Dons (A)

    aye, problem is because of how MK is set up, they're all a bit of a trek
  19. Sweep

    MK Dons (A)

    I stayed over in MK on Monday night - it's absolutely bleak..... I'd guess that folk will pop out of the train station and then head straight up to Midsummer Boulevard and go to the 'Spoons as it's only 5 minutes walk. Just a little bit further up is an All-Bar-One and also a Brewdog, which are both OK. Slug & Lettuce isn't too bad, and that's just around the corner from Brewdog. Other than that, a lot of restaurant/bar type places. The ground is about 5 miles away so you'd need to get an Uber if I'm totally honest, it's a bit shit 🙂
  20. get rid of refs and linesmen full stop - chips in the ball, sensors along all line, chips in boots of the players - all decisions fully automated and made in a split second, absolutely no human interaction required. Decisions would be instant and can't be reversed or reviewed
  21. I think we've maybe left it a little bit late, I see us being 2/3 points adrift of the play-offs sadly - next season though we'll be out of the traps faster than a greased whippet
  22. There aren't any European internationals being played though........which seems odd, you'd think they would squeeze some in
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