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  1. Its not a patch on the BBC or Sky News. The fact that almost nobody watches it, surely gives some sort of indication of the quality of their output. I'll not be surprised, given how long this thread is now, if it doesn't soon appear on page 1 of a GB News Google search shortly
  2. All that makes sense. On the plus side, if you do have a real talent then you will earn well.
  3. Indeed, I think I only pay £9.99 pretty month from Spotify, which I think is tremendous value, and saves any fucking about
  4. Are you still in touch with him?
  5. Same here, generally only the BBC, but also Al Jazeera on occasion.
  6. Blimey. Can you not just write an anonymous letter to HR?
  7. Probably true, it'll never change, no matter who is in charge
  8. He's had a mare on that one
  9. The current Government have had 13 years to do that, wonder why they haven't?
  10. Absolutely, as well as those over 85. Also, don't let anybody who hasn't had a full time job in the last two years have a vote either.
  11. Is "Screeching" just what Gammons say when somebody says something they don't agree with?
  12. Was there a lot of "screeching" actually done? Anyway, at least you've confirmed that you're happy for the Government to try to deny people the opportunity to vote, which is what JRM basically admitted to, even if it is only a small amount of them. For what it's worth, folk did have enough time to sort it, so it's tough shit if they were turned away. I just think the reasons they brought it in stink a bit. To further add, in case you think I'm some sort of "lefty" I think we give too many the opportunity to vote anyway, but we have to work with the current guidelines until they're changed.
  13. I'm actually surprised it's lasted as long as it has. In the main, whilst not support Russia, I suspect most people don't really give a fuck anymore. I'll just be happier once it's over, no matter who "wins", sadly though, I suspect we've several more years of this conflict left yet.
  14. Some Brussels Sprouts are mini hand grenades as well I've heard. Christmas this year, you need to be careful mate.
  15. Pip fisted him, in the broom cupboard
  16. I'm not sure Pip Schofield would agree with you at the minute 😊
  17. To be fair, they're not all old
  18. It's basically a piss poor UK version of Fox News. In the main, the presenters are "out spoken" people who like to present their opinion as news. I'll flick it on occasionally, only for a couple of minutes at a time, to see if it's improving, but it's still a bit amateurish. Those that watch it a lot (and our local landlady does) will always tell you that they report the real news, and are far better than main stream media......
  19. 🙂 Who until recently had, Brexit Supporting, Tory Donor, Richard Sharp as Chairman
  20. It does well to still broadcast, as I can't see that it's a profitable endeavor at present.
  21. In our last house, just two years ago, somebody broke into the garage and robbed some golf clubs, a Karcher and some tools. We called the police, they didn't even come round, they did give us a crime reference so that we could make a claim, but that was about as much interest as they took. Anyway, on the plus side, I got some expensive new clubs and some rather splendid new tools 🙂
  22. Fair enough, I certainly think that the rates have been too low for too long.....not that I really know much about it. I was only saying to my mate the other day, I suspect the days of people having mortgage interest rates of below 2% are gone now, for a very long time
  23. I don't think we need less, we clearly need more, a lot more. Sadly, I'm not sure that the current infrastructure in certain parts of the country is up to it, as things stand.
  24. Fucking hell......The Reform UK leader on GB News, proper Gammontastic. Although him criticizing Johnson will have a few heads spinning I'd have thought The denial about there not being a climate crisis/emergency seems a bit odd, as generally only fruitcakes suggest there isn't an issue.
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