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  1. Anybody who refers to her as such deffo has noncing tendancies
  2. Don't know if it's been said already, but that goal by Frank Worthington, really isn't as good as some people make out
  3. Ken Anderson wasn't as bad as folk have made out, he saved us going bust on more than one occasion 😉
  4. You do wonder how or why a Serie B team want some body who can't get a game for Port Vale, so fair play to whoever his agent is, he's done a good job, for both the player and for BWFC, at least we've got something for him, rather than him going for nothing
  5. How exciting... Not really, he's just not very good
  6. Anyway, it's Kyle Lafferty
  7. He's not an international is he?
  8. If you're not good enough to be the #1 'keeper, then you're not good enough to be back up either
  9. Sweep

    Ipswich (H)

    I suspect a proper good hiding, we'll get stuffed about 4:0
  10. Made me smile that, you're right though
  11. He's a massive dick, who just needs to pipe down
  12. Sweep

    Dion Charles

    They'll look at anything that's racist or homophobic etc, no matter who the player is. They're certainly not just doing this because it's BWFC. Nothing will happen though. I'm surprised in this day and age that before clubs sign players, they don't go through their social media, and make sure that anything unsavoury is deleted. Even at our company, before we employ anybody, we delve into their social media if we can, to make sure they're not a massive bell (imagine employing Clayton Powis, and then finding out that Clayton Powis is a Racist.....)
  13. I can't remember, is that good or bad compared to N'Gog?
  14. Sweep


    yes, I'd have them all interned to be honest
  15. Sweep


    we'll never get a true number, as the Media are brushing it all under the carpet
  16. Sweep


    I think I already know the answer.......are you jabbed?
  17. Sweep


    They won't though, there will be a blanket ban on all football matches after this weekend until the New Year, when they'll be back behind closed doors until February (at the earliest)
  18. @Smileyis definitely still alive, he's probably running up and down hills in Wales at the minute though......
  19. My mate had £25 at 12/1 on a 5:0 whitewash for Australia, I reckon he's pretty happy with that start...... I thought we'd get thumped, but I was expecting a bit more than we've offered thus far......although they still have to bat yet, so who knows....although I might have a few quid on them getting 500+ 😉
  20. I don't doubt for a minute that will rear it's head within the next few years, especially as more and more clubs get into financial difficulty. I was surprised that one of the PL clubs didn't try and "save" Bury in order to make them a B-team - the current laws of the game obviously prevent it from happening, otherwise it would have, but that rule will get changed eventually.....
  21. I agree, can you imagine how farcical it would be if one of finalists came from the PL teams, not that it looks likely to happen. I honestly can't see what inviting the PL teams in actually achieves, apart from helping the PL teams a bit, as their "youth" get to play against proper clogging shitkicker journeymen to help toughen them up a bit
  22. Apparently we have, in 1911 to Chesterfield, according to the commentators
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