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17 hours ago, gonzo said:

No mate, we cant celebrate a dogged performance away from home in front of a partisan crowd at the European Champions.

We can't celebrate beating the team and manager that out thought us on the big occasion last time.

We can't celebrate going to ten men and withstanding a mountain of pressure or providing a first half display not many teams could live with.

We cant be happy we handled inevitable Italian pressure and the way they doubled up Grealish and Saka and eliminated our outlet.

Italy are no marks and their players are shite even though their league is one of the strongest in Europe.

We cant be happy Declan Rice is proving himself to be a proper leader destined for honours or Jude Bellingham who will be a champions league winner.

Oh no. We have to pretend its all shit because Harry Kane missed a pen v France or Sakas hit the post v Italy.


I think there’s a half way house somewhere, we are easing through most qualifiers, ease through group stages but perennial losers in the final stages, we’re a couple of world class players short of winning a tournament, arguably Rice could be that WC midfielder, Kane not far off WC but won’t be improving as a player as he gets older, we need a couple of WC centre half’s, and a world class playmaker, then we might have half a sniff. I’d still take Italy to beat us in the final knockout stages when it really matters. 

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16 minutes ago, radcliffe white said:

Peterborough 1 up 

end to end this half. Great through ball to Mason-Clark who showed real strength and pace to get through and smash it in. Hoping Derby equalise but whilst both teams are competing in a very open game, Posh look more likely atm

Hope Charlton can hang on - might flick over to that in a mimute

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