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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Lancashire C C C


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27 minutes ago, jeep said:

Saw him bowl at St Anne's CC 2 years ago. He wasn't anything special. Unless he's now become a batter.....

He would have been 14.

Is that a bit too young to determine if he will make it as a bowler, or can coaches tell by then if a player has the required attributes?

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The cricket side of the club has been mismanaged for too long. See long list of players doing it for other counties after parting ways with Lancashire. (Hameed A Davies M Parkinson) 

losing Villas Croft and DMitchell from the middle order from last season wasn't well planned. Most teams in the land would miss those 3. (Although it time for villas and Croft)

We are producing good quality young players so in that regard the future is bright. Balderson, Bell, Hurst all looking at home in the CC .

Ben Stokes and Durham at Blackpool this weekend. Need a win 🌹 

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35 minutes ago, maaarsh said:

Made £5m profit but team is a bloody shambles

Is that cos of a test match and getting paid for our england players?

Ive no idea of the funding model but i see no reason to sign the likes of buttler and salt

Unless it brings money on

Like i say, its hard to get worked up when its nothing like the strongest contracted 11

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Clearly a broader rot - we didn't have most of those players for large sections of recent years when we've been consistently in the top 3 sides - suddenly with a new coach we're total garbage and going straight down to the joke league.

This was the money side -

https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cricket/articles/cg3l3qy9jzro#:~:text=Lancashire made an operating profit,increase on the previous year.

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Signs of life so far today. The team on paper is no weaker than the one which won plenty the last few years - from the state of their social media in the last week seems even internally they'd clocked someone needed to be near the last chance saloon if this continued

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19 minutes ago, maaarsh said:

Job done!


Well done, and credit where it's due.

When they were three down, and doing well I was a bit concerned. Then even at the last wicket, you're still concerned that the centurion might let rip!

But, well done in the end.

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