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  1. Can’t remember the last time we gave the ball away so cheaply so often.
  2. I do see your point on a global scale, but I dare say Newcastle won’t need that additional revenue globally with how much the have behind them. City aren’t massive globally, yet have done alright. FWIW Newcastle are one of those teams I dislike for no rational reason and if they do well we won’t hear the end of it similar to Liverpool fans, so if it goes tits up then so be it.
  3. Foot off the gas in the second half and squeaky bum time for 7 minutes. Perhaps a bit of complacency, but less pressing probably means more recovery for big games over the next two weeks which could define which way we’ll head for the season. The table doesn’t lie after 11 games and I think most would have taken 7th. To put in perspective, this time last year were 3rd from bottom in league 2, at the lowest point in our history. I’m loving being a Bolton fan right now.
  4. I got in a Twitter argument with Durham last year over PPG in the lockdown season. His angle was Tranmere should never have gone down as they were on a good run when lockdown started. I said it was the only fair way and doesn’t matter if they were on a good run, they’d been shit earlier in the season. In reality he was just bitter that PPG meant Wycombe got a play off spot over Peterborough but tried to disguise it by using Tranmere for his argument. A cunt defending a bunch of cunts.
  5. Don’t worry, we’ve got Wigan in a few weeks, so you’ll get your time back then
  6. Everything Sharon has said and done since she’s been involved in the club has been spot on. The way she seemed so chuffed hearing the fans sing that she is one of our own just goes to show how humble she is, and the players just love being here too. I’m loving being a Bolton fan at the moment, it’s been a long wait and I can only see good things in the future.
  7. Just got back and still buzzing. My Ipswich lift asked who our danger men were, I said if Dapo is on song we should do okay. Sweet words. Ipswich remind me of us last year, and once they click they’ll do okay so a big 3 points really. Not going to add to what's already been said about individual players. What I will say is that all the players love playing for our club and seem to get on really well with each other. The joy in the players celebrating the 4th and 5th was just brilliant, and at the end Dapo was bigging up Kachunga when he was getting his song. FV and Ian Evatt obviously doing something right.
  8. In. Not to far for me and got a mate who’s an Ipswich fan who’s driving so I can get on the ale.
  9. We’ve had 30 odd years trying to learn how to take penalties, and we’re still shit at it.
  10. I’m not going watch. The last one I watched was Liam Gordon’s highlights and I thought we signed a worldy.
  11. Cheltenham away, only because I’m holiday near there on opening day.
  12. Always playing not to lose rather than going at trams. Southgate also shitting it about playing anyone from the group of death. Lump on a draw on Tuesday.
  13. Only half back for me. Can only read first or most recent page. Could be having blind guesses at battlenips.
  14. Fair few localish ones for me: MK’s a stones throw, Cambridge, Oxford, Charlton, Wimbledon, Wycombe, Ipswich are definites. Got family who support Sheff Wed and Lincoln so they go on the list too.
  15. Never had a reason to be bothered by Morecambe, but they are becoming worse than Doncaster for persistent moaning. Such short memories with their player rolling 3 times and their players surrounding the ref in the home game when Maddison was sent off. The red was rescinded, their’s wasn’t, that’s all they need to know. Hoping the get battered in the play off final. They can still beat Tranmere though.
  16. Tony Yeboah and Mark Bright, 8 and 12 years older though. A few I’ve not heard of two, but none the same year.
  17. Was saying this to my lad earlier, the whole weekend revolves around 3pm on Saturday. Pubs opening again so a weekend off and then a new Saturday routine for the Summer.
  18. McGinlay’s winners against Swindon and Wolves in that season.
  19. First target is to stay up, play offs possible with the right recruitment, but if we end up mid table without the usual stress inducing end to the season, then I’d take that.
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