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  1. ffs Gonzo I'd blanked it all out but the way you've put all that its got me thinking you're just married bud and this lockdown is getting to you married types. if you need a break come and stay with me as the duty singlie or go and stay with the caveman down the way in LL and you can go back 24 hours later fucked up
  2. Krasner has the look of someone whose expecting a knock on the door any minute
  3. Yeah me too 😁 Whilst running the other night I observed L'Oréal from a few metres away heading out to the shop. Apparently conditioner false tan and moisturisers are essentials even during a war
  4. is it pay on the day couple of us driving down for this cba trawling through the thread, apologies if already discussed
  5. my lads first ever game today he now thinks we win every game
  6. Spoke to someone quite high up that a few on here prob know who im on about as hes family an theyre a bit gutted weve not got to last seasons ticket numbers yet. hopefully therell be a late surge as theyve put some effort in to save the club and for the right reasons. I said id do my bit without naming names so here it is job done.
  7. you out for a scoop pre/post match pal?
  8. ive heard he wasn't at training yesterday probably on the piss with vela
  9. should leave his missus to do the talking
  10. More than happy they've not spunked 150k with the groundsman I'd imagine state of pitch be low down on the priority list
  11. i witnessed him score a goal v walsall from a yard out in the cup. smashed it in all the way right over the goal line no one believes me
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