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  1. Why didn’t they just say all season ticket holders are automatically co-opted in (as they already have our details) and we all have a CR no.already. Then just opened it up for Non season ticket holders.
  2. Make it easier to implement a COVID passport or any other passport for that matter.
  3. Sarcevic played a big part in our promotion last season.Obviously moving up a league has showed some shortcomings mainly lack of pace & general mobility.However are we worse off now than before his ‘departure’ ? the answer has got to be yes. A thin squad just got thinner(no pun intended) We have a fair number of games between now & January so my view is things might not go our way until we are maybe able to bring reinforcements in. Thought Evatt’s comments were pretty inconsistent after the Plymouth game ie forget tippy tappy in the driving rain , but yet that’s how we started the game .So he must have told them his requirements before they went out for the first half? The fact he wasn’t on the touch line bellowing out orders is neither here nor there despite his assertion that he had let the team down by being given the yellow card against the pie-gobblers. Anyway we have to move on , let’s hope he can guide us through some tricky fixtures & that the squad are 100% behind him.
  4. Fair assessment that .Think your manager had a veiled pop at your no showers last night. he said (I paraphrase)’ It’s easy to support your team when they are four nil up at your nearest rivals , but tonight our team needed a lift (I assume he meant by the crowd) & it wasn’t there’ fwiw MK Dons are a decent outfit.
  5. Brockbank isn’t good enough , Gordon has his faults but does try to get forward Sarc scores we are back in it as we definitely shaded the second half Last goal farcical but conditions to blame although Dixon’s decision making was shite on that one.
  6. Oh Christ , where is this shite going ?
  7. Well we are not all paragons of virtue like yourself. ELD was also a prize plonker in terms of attracting ’attention’
  8. You reap what you sow. Mindless abuse is deplorable, but this guy attracts every notright to have a pop at him by continually acting up to them . Yesterday was a prime example were he could have exercised a bit of control but he just can’t resist being a tool.
  9. I have no problem with McLean & his attitude to the poppy , that’s his choice . Problem is he amplifies his perspective & is downright disrespectful to others he seems to thrive on it which makes him a shit-stirring cnut. My background is partly Irish Republic but this guy makes my blood boil.
  10. One Problem is although Dapo gets dropped nearly every time he runs at defenders the free kicks he wins are rendered virtually useless as our set-pieces are so bad . It should be an advantage in areas around the penalty area , but teams know they can deal with our set pieces , therefore foul with impunity knowing we will negate the advantage by even passing short.
  11. Red Roger spinning the ‘Wigan are massive ‘yarn as predictable as ever red on the inside blue tinged on the outside.Put your rod away you Stretford rag.
  12. Interesting post , condemnation of ‘old men’s fantasies’ & then a thinly disguised threat based on the same old men needing alcoholic fortification to deal with whatever comes their way on Saturday. second paragraph is ok by me though. followed by another threat ?
  13. Was absolutely skint , someone at work suggested going early to the ground & volunteer for programme selling this being a guarantee of entry into the ground. Went down straight from work & duly received a bag full of programmes to sell Got in Manny rd North , only time I ever watched a game from there ,fantastic night given our Div 3 status.
  14. Definite no show from me , can’t encourage ‘B’ teams participation in any way shape or form . Its been a dead duck from day one but the big boys will keep pushing it unfortunately,
  15. Definitely one of our best ever players , all skill no great pace which made him all the more phenomenal.Absolute fan favourite with his dribbling & passing skills. Always shone in the big games , Liverpool in about 1965 when he mesmerised the then League champions in a League cup tie which we won 3-2 Francis Lee once said that he wasn’t fit to lace Freddie Hill’s boots (when City signed him from Halifax ) We had previously sold Freddie to Halifax as the club felt his best years had passed. RIP Freddie one of our absolute finest.
  16. With a soft spot for Wiggin
  17. Bit flattered with the scoreline but good performances from Lee /Santos /Dafo/Jones & Williams. Katchunga put a shift in but he should have nabbed his first goal for us. John & Baptiste we’re iffy , plenty problems down that side first half. When we’re on it the football is smoother than a velvet codpiece. onwards & upwards.
  18. Liverpool ‘s all time top league scorer. Not a glamour boy , more a goal machine.
  19. Persuaded by Nat to sign for the team he supported as a boy RIP
  20. Where does Delfonso fit into the set-up ? Clearly not the obvious sub for Isgrove on Saturday .Will he get a start on Tuesday? or do we see him being shipped out in January.Not sure what his goal scoring record is but is it worse than Katchungas?
  21. Virgin media a total blank in the stadium. saved me a few Bob eg halftime bet on us fighting back for a draw against Rotherham.
  22. I’m not trawling back to previous posts or carping on about a club about to be knocked off its perch.
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