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  1. And renamed the pub “The White Horse”
  2. Wonder if Forest might need to rely on their owner’s previous in securing results to stay up. All allegedly of course.
  3. His veneration reaches far and wide. I am currently working up on Hadrian’s Wall and greeting the visitors. (Shoulders back and all that). Got taking to one family from Sutton so I said they must be pleased their local team was making it good in league 2. Their young lad, about 10, was mad about football and said whilst he watched Sutton he liked West Ham. So far so normal. He then asked who I supported. When I told him he went into full Thogden worship and said he and his mates were fixated with the guy. His influence even stretches from Surrey to the far stretches of Hadrian’s Wall.
  4. I spose the only consolation for their fans is that they won’t have to travel that far home.
  5. ..- -. -... . .-.. .. . ...- .- -... .-.. . .--- . ..-. ..-.
  6. Had a text from Ipswich mate who said we defended well at the end so deserved the point.
  7. Unless VAR caught his teeth offside
  8. Might try his name in Wordle
  9. Maybe they’re planning ahead for their inevitable relegation back to Championship
  10. Once they realised the ref was going to give them everything they fell over on cue and broke up any momentum we tried to create. Linesman should’ve spotted the handball too. But they passed the ball better than we did and apart from the header onto their bar we did nowt. Dempsey improving and our best player I thought. But not much else to say apart from we looked tired. Will be better next week.
  11. This ref and linesman are unbelievable
  12. Neil got in touch privately and said us thickies also need to fill in a locator form to attend.
  13. I had exactly the same today. I added my son and brother in law as members a few weeks ago so we could go to MKD together as my BIL lives in MK. I tried to apply today online using their member ref nos ( mine already works) but gave up after an hour. I phoned ticket office who were very helpful and told me the numbers I’d recorded for my son and BIL were not member nos but reference numbers and i had to re-apply. After managing to do that it failed again to allow me to add them to my order. So phoned ticket office again who confirmed it takes 24 hours to apply their registration to the account so she helpfully took my order over the phone with £1 cost per ticket. whole thing took me nearly two hours.
  14. Flying foxes? Filbert St?
  15. Charlton fans said they had ground out some ugly wins prior to today and good that we’re learning to do the same. Our new squad depth makes that more achievable.
  16. These comments not only bring me sunshine but bring me laughter all the while.
  17. I think you’ll find that’s Fat Nev’s butties for when he got peckish.
  18. I’m pretty sure Gerry Taggart’s header vs Everton didn’t cross the line.
  19. Looks like station Road. Swinton Rlfc
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