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  1. Got the same multi car policy with Admiral as my lad’s Alfa 4C is many hundreds of pounds cheaper on there even with 6 points than anywhere else. Flip side is mine went up from 300 to 600 for Golf R with full no claims and high excess. Can get it 300 elsewhere but savings on Alfa outweigh the increase on golf. Asked why their golf quote so high and it’s all down to statistics irrespective of my personal history. They pay out lots on golf r so load up the premium on everyone who drives one.
  2. Dion sent off may put off potential suitors to his signature.
  3. Might get a bit boring if we win every game 3-0 🥱
  4. My daughter used to live in New Cross and had good access to transport for work and bars etc. decent boozers nearby and bus ride down to Peckham or back up to Greenwich. Now she’s upgraded to Bermondsey. Good bars and food on Enid St and Maltby st etc
  5. Plenty of surface vessels and assets and some ROVs due to arrive on site. If they can narrow the area of these supposed signals then maybe the robot vehicles can be deputed but they’re typically used when the target is clearly located and it’s not like hook a duck. Even if they locate the area of the sub the logistics of retrieval at that depth are, all things combined, a losing race against time. It may even be stuck in the wreck of the Titanic herself.
  6. The sort of equipment and expertise to perform a 5000 m salvage op is usually only available to international salvage companies. And takes time. Even with humane factor at stake the logistics of such mobilisation is the challenge within the time scale. If the expedition was insured then maybe the access to equipment might have been more available otherwise they’ll need to rely on local craft and volunteer equipment. There will be loads of volunteer salvors but whether they have the required location identification/ depth-diving and retrieval equipment is an unknown. Really hope they get some luck.
  7. Depends where that kit is. Commercially any potential salvor may not be keen to interrupt another salvage job to move their equipment to this job especially if they’re contracted. Even then Demobilisation etc takes time and availability of experts to get to the site. The fact that the whole exploration was maverick and carried out in unclassified craft dilutes any charitable rescue initiative from reputable salvors.
  8. Couldn’t agree more. Whilst hoping for a miracle that they are recovered I’m not a fan of this type of rubbernecking at the site of the Titanic, or any other grave. Same as the so called salvage operators bringing artefacts up from the sea bed. Used to work for the company that insured the Titanic and had disputes over the rightful ownership of these artefacts recovered. We ended up with loads of items in our office and contacted dependants of the people we could identify from the manifest. Due to perishability the artefacts ended up being donated to the Maritime Museum. They belong to somebody, not the treasure hunters and ideally would stay with the people who owned them ie where they were. No problem with genuine scientific research to avoid similar disasters but not convinced by most of these treasure hunters and ghouls attending these sites.
  9. Local rag reporting that Pompey are intending on spending heavily this next season including adding two new strikers to play alongside Bishop. He ain’t going nowhere.
  10. Would be serendipity if their first game at their new stadium was vs us and they had a goal disallowed.
  11. Stuart Whittaker made a dazzling debut. About 4 ft tall but never saw him again.
  12. Monkey see, monkey do.
  13. Let the other promotion challengers burn themselves out trying for automatic places. It’s always the in-form teams going into the play offs that tend to prosper so maybe we concentrate on just keeping ourselves in the orbit of the other challengers ready for the play offs. We’re clearly at an ebb but sure we’ll manage the turn of the tide. White on Tyne. Always nautical.
  14. And low tide on the Thames expected around final whistle time according to PLA so no top bombing when we win.
  15. Imagine the size of a polar-bear-sized donkey’s wanger.
  16. I guess the Yanks presumed all these balloons were Chinese was because they all looked like each other.
  17. I think just make sure we are on good form going into play offs and we’ll smash anyone. Let the algorithms take care of themselves.
  18. Wylam used to be my local brewery til they moved to new premises. Their Jakehead is superb.
  19. Always says “for my sins” when answering a question.
  20. If Carlsberg did Saturdays…..I’d still not drink Carlsberg.
  21. 5000th game seem would seem appropriate to win 5-0. But would settle for 6 if need be.
  22. Gives thumbs up to people who drive the same car as him.
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