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  1. When I read about it this morning and the report stated 2 prem managers were involved,I'd have been surprised if it wasn't BSA and Spazzy Eyes.Question is,if there has been any wrong doing,is there a precedent for points deductions,or will we be made an example of?Not paranoid or anything,like.
  2. Yeah,this was after Riley performed his 1st half red card trick on Levski.After which,Levski's manager/chairman? described Riley as "a British homosexual".
  3. Woaah,what's all this nonsense about it being just our luck he get's the sack before they play us [-X .As someone's pointed out,his first game in charge was against the whites-2-0 to us.And as I recall,at the time,someone put it very succinctly-you can't polish a turd.
  4. Hmm,just like we missed the chance to go 3rd against Spurs.And Crouch probably will score his first goal against us but it'll be mere consolation in a 3-1 win to the Superwhites.
  5. Sure I read summat that said the prem were going to discuss 4 pts for away wins next season.
  6. Nah,7 easy points next season.
  7. Could be useful.The amount of handballs this guy has got away with,it'd be like having 2 goalies.
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