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  1. Stockport were miles better than us tonight and fully deserved the win. We were terrible. Only Santos had a decent game but was still part of a defence that let 5 in to a non league side. Not a good night.
  2. Not playing great. Hopefully we come out better second half. How many times has the camera been on cuntface Challinor.
  3. 3-1 Bakayoko, Dapo, Santos Come On You Whites!!!
  4. 4-1 Doyle 2, Dapo 2 10,543 Come On You Whites!!!
  5. 1-0 Sheehan Come On You Whites!!!
  6. 2-1 Doyle, Sheehan 13,980 Come On You Whites!!!
  7. Don't think we could play him and Sheehan in the same team anyway. Time for Sheehan to prove he's the better player now.
  8. Poor performance. Thought we looked a bit better when Sarcevic and Doyle came on.
  9. 1-0 Brockbank Come On You Whites!!!
  10. Apart from MJ I thought we were shit all over the pitch. Worst display since we were shit for half of last season. Hopefully just one of those days.
  11. They're in Blackrod walking towards Horwich. About 100 of them in their goggle hooded coats. They might make the town hall steps to take photos if they're quick.
  12. 3-1 Doyle, Dapo, Bakayoko 19,956 Come On You Whites!!!
  13. Thought we were the better side and should've had at least a couple goals before they scored. Bad defending by John to start with but Santos should've been more alert when the ball came in. After that we just didn't play with enough urgency and Sheffield were happy to just sit back and let us knock it around. Disappointing result but that's football. Win next week and it'll be forgotten. Come On You Whites!!!
  14. Enjoyable game. Worth £10. Come On You Whites!!!
  15. Played better and lost games this season. Good result though and decent performance. Lee was excellent but Santos was even better and man of the match. Come On You Whites!!!
  16. 3-1 Doyle 2, Dapo 15873 Come On You Whites!!!
  17. Great result. Thought Charlton had a couple decent players who caused us a few problems first half. The football we play at times is superb and it's only going to get better. Exciting times. Come On You Whites!!!
  18. 1-0 Doyle Come On You Whites!!!
  19. 4-3 Doyle, Dapo, Sarcevic, Johnston Come On You Whites!!!
  20. Thought we played really well first half despite conceding two goals. Thought we were more than capable of getting back in the game. Second half we struggled a bit and their constant time wasting and shithouse tactics made it harder for us. Just one of those games.
  21. 3-1 Doyle, Dapo, Sheehan 20,091 Come On You Whites!!!
  22. 1-0 Doyle Come On You Whites!!!
  23. Disappointed we didn't win.. But very happy with the performance. Dapo man of the match. And Gordon's best display yet. Come On You Whites!!!
  24. 1-0 Doyle 13,989 Come On You Whites!!!
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