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  1. I got that but if you scroll down to the bottom of the warning it says “ if you understand the risks visit the website here “ with a hyperlink . said it Eas due to certification expired yesterday on my warning
  2. … this is their MOTD host. not relevant and I don’t know her views on boat peoples but just an excuse as you mentioned Italy …
  3. If Lineker had tweeted “ them boat people should fuck off back to where they came from “ the same people criticising him on here would be defending his right to free speech Possibly the same people defending him now would be crying out for his sacking . its fucking incredible. He said it on Twitter , he hadn’t really said anything that bad in fairness, who gives a fuck really . as an aside, not many people discussing Matt Hancocks WhatsApp today …
  4. Fair enough what is that in terms of % of population of any given ethnicity? so there may be only 1000 odd Albanians in prison but if only 3000 came over then it’s quite high for example there’s loads of polish and Irish here, so maybe it’s equal to the per head ratio of of english etc
  5. Surely if it’s uk prisons, then the Irish total would be inflated in anycase as it would include prisons in Northern Ireland full of Irish people? genuine data question, not a political one 👍
  6. Agree entirely. we had the same with my uncle who died of it alone in hospital. though obviously not as emotionally attached as spider to his mum I can fully understand his anger as we went through the same. people getting more angry about Sue Grey joining labour than they did about Boris and his arseholes taking the piss out of all of us need to give their heads a wobble .
  7. Apparently there was a great show of them last night over the region, radio Manchester was all over it with tales from people who saw it etc. https://apple.news/AGwvVfQUMSuiVnrAbSlBxlg
  8. To be fair to him, I think he just has ?
  9. As usual everyone polarised Just spent a bit of time in Ireland. cousin has a farm there , can say with cast iron surety that the shortage is there is the bad weather in Morroco and compounded by the cost of energy to grow and replace the missing quantity. He’s not bothering with any greenhouse crops because of the cost to produce this year. the exact same is true of the growers in the UK , but the uk issues are further compounded by Brexit and lack of supply. so, everyone can find a snippet to suit their argument and I’m sure everyone will but both things are true.
  10. answer questions with sentences and give examples of how you “ delivered beyond expectations “ or whatever they are asking Ask questions setting expectations of them. as if you are considering whether the place is good enough for you to work in
  11. Whole load of possible reasons I suppose. Maybe cost of living pressures for an average person, the inability to get a doctor appointment etc and seeing , or at least having the perception of, immigrants kept in luxury and getting health care etc when they struggle, which is another similarity between both countries, in contrast to European governments capping price rises . few years ago , hundreds of Syrians doubled the population of a small town in Ireland and was hardly a murmur, now that times are hard maybe that’s the reason . Ive no idea to be honest , just know that I’m hearing the same things in Ireland around asylum seekers as I’m hearing here, and that never used to be the case
  12. Spend quite a bit of time in Ireland, the anti immigration/ refugee / pure racist bollox is a growing trend . people have genuine concerns and there’s hotels full there too that have disturbances , protest marches are on the increase as is anti immigration. min Dublin especially. quite ironic given the “ no dogs no blacks, no Irish “ that emigrants from Ireland faced over the years , but, they weren’t ever put up in hotels and given tax money either is the response to that when I mentioned it. https://www.irishexaminer.com/news/spotlight/arid-41063300.html
  13. Ok. I’ll tell the people I know who do it for a living to give their money back to the police and that they’re lying to me about getting taken down to press conferences and to assess interviews then.
  14. That’s not true police use them in loads of cases . they obviously can’t confirm guilt by body language but they can advise certain traits that mean the police may want to keep an eye on that person as the body language/ behaviour isn’t of a grieving relative or whatever.
  15. Jesus wept. I’m hoping someone is going to say I’ve been duped and this isn’t real, but apparently it is .
  16. Just seen the video of this . Jesus wept totally get the “ instant decision “ in cases where’s it appropriate but this is just a beating of a man on the floor screaming for his mam More like a punishment beating than an arrest .
  17. Exactly same here. Our house income around 60k but have to pay it back as my wage is over the threshold even though she earns about 10 k other houses I know income 80 & 90k and they don’t as no single earner over the threshold either she has get a better job and then need child care , or I get even better job ( not likely) or I fuck it off go back on the tools and earn less to get more from other avenues ( not going to do that either but I could be better off overall if I did) appreciate has to be a line but assessing it on one person in the house rather than the household income in total seems a bit stupid
  18. This your mug in the canteen too ?
  19. In town early this morning and loads of police and cordons on Crown st. looks serious whatever has happened
  20. Once had the back bar of a pickup come off when I was towing a screed pump up Parliament Street in Liverpool watched in horror as it rolled back down the street twatting into cars and ended up embedded in a building at the bottom. caused carnage and loads of angry people surrounded me. Shit myself to be honest
  21. Just come back from Ireland the health service there is experiencing excess waiting times staff shortages people on trolleys in corridors lack of available beds it’s funded differently there, They’re still in the EU , they can’t recruit qualified staff the population is only around 5 million the consensus is the cause is the perfect storm of lack of adequate funding 3 respiratory diseases ( flu corona and some other chest infection doing the rounds at the same time increasing intake lack of staff I’m firmly in the Brexit is shit camp, but, Ireland is experiencing the same as here while in the eu , so it’s not a Brexit issue , it’s probably the same as above
  22. There’s new planning laws that apply to essential infrastructure, namely it can be provided without the usual permit / authorities planning consent . internet / communication masts can fall under that so long as they’ve not causing obstruction. there’s loads of new wooden ones gone up all over Breightmet. Think the cabinet / metal masts still need permission, but heights and ease of that permission has changed. has to be good reason now, now just because residential groups complain / sign petitions etc .
  23. emotions can decide referendums without the potential consequences being considered. See Brexit
  24. You would kill a lot of Unionists with your second line …
  25. Sinn Fein biggest single party , due to unionism vote split between different parties more than the republican vote is split essentially. if it was a straight vote that affected Northern Ireland’s status in the union, party differences wouldn’t matter and unionist vote would be the majority , though some more moderate people from that tradition are looking towards a more modern inclusive united Ireland, which makes sense, as it will come one day , but there’ll need to be another generation of groundwork and polls on that before it’s even considered I’d say.
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