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    MK Dons (H)

    Just loved being back in there.loved the fact we scored a brilliant free kick Loved the fact there were dickheads talking shite behind me again, Loved the fact I was frustrated by a ref, loved the fact I was annoyed by opposition shithousery, loved the players running celebrating in front of us , loved seeing my 10 year olds joy when the equaliser went in in the last seconds , loved the fact I was nervous when they went forward from their kick off with about 10 seconds left , loved the atmosphere , loved the fact it pissed down walking in, dried up a bit then pissed down again walking back to the car , no negatives at all for me today, next game maybe there will be but loved every bit of today.
  2. The scenes here are fucking fantastic. no walking onto the coach with earphones on for these lads. pizza and beer and then the owner hugging the fans remember a few years ago when we had owners and players who didn’t give a shit and seemed to treat us with contempt ? no, nether do I tonight , fuck them we’ve got it back
  3. Mentioned it before but my lads played Charnock in the LSL before at u18 and it’s a great set up, was really impressed and been to a few good ones in that league but they were stand out in my opinion
  4. It is , we have played Charnock as we’ve mentioned before. Some good teams in the league, as well as Charnock I’d single out Clitheroe and Cradley as really good teams . Atherton Coll’s too have one this season , but only played them once so hard to judge as both had lads isolating
  5. Yeh the ones that stay will probably head that way, the others will be pissed up in some uni hall throughout the country no doubt making unfit guest appearances occasionally.
  6. Yeh possibly, open age and u21 maybe, but a lot of these lads will be off to uni and won’t be the same group is what I meant, their last season as a group
  7. Hope that doesn’t happen, even just one fixture against each as opposed to home and away would be better than nowt . One of my lads is u18 currently, been with the same group of players more or less since u7, would hate to see their last season together fizzle out like that, know there’s bigger issues with all this but it would be a shame from solely that point of view
  8. We have a situation where it’s one parent per player , fair enough and its adhered to, but one plays on a public park, my kids grandads or mum can’t come watching with me but every man and his dog stop for a gander walking past. Still, better that and getting a game
  9. my daughter plays for a team where I’m currently wondering where the money goes, possibly the same one , not just the subs but fund raising , especially when we also get links to the club shop where we can buy training gear and hats etc for them . my lads all play for different clubs where money is re invested or even just sits in the bank, all visible, something doesn’t sit right with the daughters team though. Saying that, I pay subs the same and she thoroughly enjoys herself so no issue, but it grates me a little the efforts of volunteers and parents could be subsiding an individuals income rather than a genuine grass roots club .
  10. Bit of a bummer for me, had two due to play against a Darwen on Sunday both now off. First time ever had two playing against the same team at the same place , usually Blackpool and Blackrod at the same time or something, and it gets pulled . did they give the ok for indoor football just a few hours ago too ?
  11. Actually not sure, was told there were a few cases and it was closing for a deep clean on the message I got, no one named. that was going around as chat but I don’t know for definite to be honest
  12. My lads are doubly gutted, one just back from 8 weeks injury , one training session then off for another 4 and the youngest is at Ladybridge which closed , re opened for a week the shut down again. Quite lucky in that that can kick about in the garden and on the field together though so small mercies. Typical , The weather was perfect over the weekend too, think we all know 1st weekend back will be rained off ...
  13. It is starting earlier, my eldest lad played with the same bunch of mates until he was 13 , then some dropped out, some moved down / up etc now you get coaches If some clubs asking for friendlies at u6 / u7 and Saying things like “high level only “ or putting an add out “ high level u7 team in need of striker / centre mid . Centre mid at 5 or 7 a side. it’s madness and shows the coaches are just massaging their own egos
  14. I’ve spent years with kids football at various levels ( not academy) and can safely say parents are the worse I’ve seen parents come to blows at the end of a u12 match while the players were all sliding down the bankings together having a laugh and forgot about the game. though must admit, I have also seen some absolute gobshite “ coaches” in that time toobut in the main, parents reciting what they’ve heard on match of the day and thinking they’re experts are the worse.
  15. Interesting for me Re Forest in the 70s, my dad’s mate used to run the rose hill tavern in those days , my dad in the day used to do unofficial door man , security on match days, it was the 70s, so this entailed drinking Saturday afternoon and kicking out anyone who caused trouble as opposed to an official position. Hes from Ireland and had/ has no allegiance or historical dislike for any particular city or town in England, likes Bolton because he’s lived here since 67 , and is vey parochial in that regard, and the reason I grew up supporting Bolton even though he had no tradition of doing so, home town rules . however, he always says, of all the fans he had “ dealings” with in that period in the 70s , which he has loads of tales about, he has a pathological dislike of Nottingham Forest, he’s not really into football as such, but there could be something on the news about Forest drawing against Charlton or equally mediorcre tonight and the whole “ nothing but a shower of scamp bastards them, good for nothing scum” would be trotted out . I went to Nottingham racecourse a few years back and he was at it then, “watch yourself in that town, bad bastards them. “ Given the tales he tells of incidents in the Rose Hill , glassing, pool balls people pinching tills ,and all sorts from other fans, there must have been a serious incident with Forest for him to hate them so much but never has said
  16. That’s the one, finished 5-1 which belies how closely matched it was, everything went for us in front of goal that day to be fair wasn’t a 5-1 difference in teams. But, that’s nowt do with Blackpool and hijacked the thread a bit to bring it back on track, I’m not going but my lad who played that day is along with some of his team mates, so it’s kind of linked ...
  17. We only have an open age adult team and the one youth team, play at u18 but officially u17. we did win back in November just gone and that’s the only time we’ve played there at that age as we were BBDFL previous seasons so could have been that game you saw. Was on the pitch right next to the club house , across the road from the main pitch
  18. I don’t play for anyone, too old and shite 😄 my lad plays for Park Utd in the youth team, playing in the u18 league
  19. Was supposed to be playing them this weekend gone but obviously weather affected. played them earlier in the season, impressive set up and a good set of lads.
  20. Fuck it then, there’s loads, and Wigan can even claim non league too so not going down that road as a badge of honour any longer !
  21. Yes, they did too, can’t think of any others , pretty select group *searching for positives
  22. Aye, but how many of those have watched their teams in all 4 divisions and European football ? Portsmouth & Burnley only two I can think of?
  23. The corner issue happened yesterday , one of Liverpool’s players was off side when it was passed, he shot, saved and out for a corner. If he had scored it’s reviewed , disallowed and a free kick to Everton. If they score a perfectly good goal from the corner would that stand or would the passage of play leading to the corner be reviewed ? If so how many other missed fouls in play do we go back to? Im in the it’s shit get rid completely camp
  24. I hope the Doncaster team get a sickness bug in training and have to cancel and then they get docked 5 points ...
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