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  1. Surely if macc could only get in top north west counties division they'll have to do the same at best, feel sorry for good teams in that division having promotion push sabotaged two years in a row.
  2. Spot on this, Wigan don't register that much for me but been surprised with all the anti Wigan chants at matches recently.. its the rival for a lot of the youth
  3. I'm not defending people who threw stuff but the Wigan players knew exactly what they were doing, there's been stuff on the Internet telling them to do it.. they were desperate for the reaction they got.. its a shame people gave it them.
  4. Can't make sense of that, seems weird to watch the move be a disaster for salford rugby league then do exactly the same thing. When I left prestwich couple of years ago was starting see salford city shirts about and they were going into schools etc as local club.. be middle of nowhere now getting caught in united traffic if matchdays collide. Be a terrible away day at new ground
  5. Forgot to mention, living up here the talk about the North East being a hot bed of football is boring and largely bollocks.. north east population is only a bit smaller then greater manchesters (no such place) yet there are 4 league clubs there and 7 in GM with bury and stockport being there not so long ago..
  6. Yep agree with you both its all a bit grim
  7. Saudis largest funder of extremism in the UK.. links to boko Haram, ISIS and Al Qaeda.. I think I'm happy to stick with what we've got thanks
  8. We play some great football but it's frustrating at times, ball didn't bounce for us a couple of times in the area, don't look like finished article but still think we might make play offs, fans great yesterday, was sat in front of thogden, weird hearing them commentate through the match, worse ways to earn a living I suppose.
  9. Dont post much but I'm gutted to read this, just to echo what others have said really, I've been on here nearly 20 years and met so many sound people, its made me really feel part of something, those friendships have enhanced my life never mind going to the match. I've lost count of the number of times someone on here has been down on their luck and people have rushed in to offer support, or the money raised for charity as well. I'll be forever grateful to Happy for the friendships I've made through here, I'm someone he's only met fleetingly yet he's made a big difference to my life.. as someone else said that is some legacy
  10. Ended up getting pissed with him in Darwin couple of times after playing blackburn.. top bloke had some great stories
  11. Blokes done the business and returned back to his life, fairplay I reckon
  12. Nearest beer garden the friendship although golf club might have one which is slightly closer and the star inn might have one the other way
  13. How much does a cherry picker cost?
  14. Unbelievable, let the family grieve but don't impose it on the rest of us..
  15. I'm just being pessimistic to be honest but once vaccine gets rid of Kent variant it's if anything replaces it, hopefully it doesn't and we can crack on, or the boosters keep us ahead of it..
  16. I reckon we should get August and September in the grounds to some extent, after that God knows, just hope it works out. Can see no away fans next year and loads of home ends full of bolton fans jumping up when when we score
  17. I take the persons obsession with us as a compliment.. love pathetic stuff like this, we're in league two and still matter enough for other fans to do crap like this.. keep it coming
  18. Thought we did alright, Doyle has done alright and like others have said I feel like we're slowly improving, I'm not expecting miracles its going to be a long road back but getting a team together that can go up
  19. Yeah can't even imagine it poor bloke, I'd forgotten about pep until you mentioned it, amazed by him being able to keep going.
  20. Died last April just checked, he said that going to work helped as a distraction, people react differently to grief I certainly wouldnt take someone else's reaction as the rule. Pretty incredible that pep kept going to be honest
  21. I can't stand liverpool, love them losing but I feel sorry for Klopp, mum died and can't attend funeral, in most jobs that would give you a few weeks off to vaguely get your head together
  22. My mate does the PA at salford, has done for years, he said that when they built the stadium they spent hardly anything on the pitch, it still slopes, I wouldnt be surprised if its off
  23. Would have been great away day drinking round prestwich. Still can't believe we're playing Salford in the league
  24. What's happened has there been a punch up or something? They were pretty cut throat with Johnson and Morley to be fair as well.. hopefully messes them up, was home couple of months back and saw a kid in westhoughton park with a Salford shirt on.... dark day
  25. Sounds brilliant that, I dont think I've seen a fair reflection of how a lot of this is playing out
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