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  1. I question the 11 Yr old statement.
  2. Derby is my nightmare away Only win is back in the league cup
  3. Mine and Ashburner St's Confirmed . Plus all the other gentlemen we attend with.
  4. Looks like we are the same build . But it is a very small 3xl
  5. I agree with your remarks Rudy . All I was doing was relaying what the guy said to me.
  6. It is true. Asked in Bolton Central when the away kit was being reduced. " it's not , we understand it is being used next season" Spent my well earned on one of those training hoodys . £22.50 well worth it . Full Zip ; zip pockets , embroidered badge and bwfc ( on hood) Just right for home games and for winding up.the " fucking tic's" in The Brewery Tap. On a side note the " Boohoo" home kit will have an under- boob option with added sparkles
  7. Possible new home kit. Definitely NOT new away kit. That's why they are not reduced at Bolton Central.
  8. This all over . Total takeover . When ever it happens
  9. Gilks for me . He steadied the ship. Gave Santos the confidence do his job instead of looking over his shoulder
  10. Woah may be looking a copyright issues. There's only 1 Embankment
  11. You sure I thought it was Wimbledon
  12. It's grand day to be a Wanderer. Told you all it would be Reet !!
  13. Who ever scores the winner
  14. Blinkers? You must have got ya bonce stuck in a grow bag
  15. Give your head a Wobble. Less that £15 quid to watch a match . Less than £11 where I sit. If some one guy you a bag of gold . You would complain it was too heavy. Either that or you are on a fishing trip and I have bitten. Being that you are such a prolific poster on here for the last 7 years I would have expected a more rounded view.
  16. Spot on this . No issues with it £248 to watch My Club . No problem. Once more Shazza exceeds my expectations. Cannot wait to by her a pot of tea in the hotel.
  17. Club advising fans not to travel or attend the stadium
  18. I started in 72 . I worked out 9 promotions and 11 relegation am I wrong ?
  19. 666. Yep people will turn up.
  20. Those in the know. Headed there last Saturday, taxi from Wigan got there about 6pm.
  21. Surprisingly fine. 3 of us set off at 9.40 from Howfen. Myself - Pinocheo's Dad and The Dog . Arrived Lancaster at 11 pm set up camp in Ye Old John O'Gaunt. Sat in a sun trap back yard . Got chatting to a local ( King Arthur). Who did us proud later on by getting us into The Corner House. Unfortunately he couldn't swing it for late arrival Ashburner St . So we return to our original spot. Plan was to head the ground at some point in the second half. But at 1-0 and not wanting to destroy the Karma of the planet we stayed put. So we can never claim we went to Morcambe. Final whistle even most of the locals joined us in celebrating. Rattler back to Wigan then Taxi to the Unibol. Where Early Dart , Mr Smith and The Bat had set up shop. Hope it's bloody warmer next Saturday. Seen most of the players and Mr Evatt , none of them in any rush to avoid the fans that were around. Mr Iles turned up and was sat over his laptop creating todays Headlines . Final word went to the gaffer who when asked by The Dog . " Do you fancy a pint " " next week if we win we Party !! "
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