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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. What a fantastic afternoon that was, definitely had a lump in my throat seeing so many of the players who meant so much to me growing up take to the field one final time. Bolton Wanderers is a magnificent football club. A special day and a lot of money raised for a great cause.
  2. Naytch

    MK Dons (H)

    Buzzing for the game! Cant wait 2-0 Whites, start with a win. COYWM
  3. Good luck in your recovery Happy. All the best
  4. 10th- just don't think we have the firepower unless someone like a Sarce, Politic, Dapo gets us double figures from midfield.
  5. Fully on board with this. Give him a chance and see what IE makes of him. There's obviously talent there and if Evatt can see it and draw it out of him then we'll have a good player on board for hopefully low cost.
  6. Gonna try and get to a few of these. FCUM is a definite, never been.
  7. I'll definitely be picking this up. Thanks for the heads up
  8. Got a bad feeling about this one.... Praying for a BWFC win, a comfortable one please.
  9. Hit me hard this morning. I lost my Dad on 19th December and Frank was one of my Dad’s hero’s- he was a couple of years younger than FW. What a player, a maverick and a legend. They don’t make em like Frank any more. And that goal still blows my mind. RIP FW
  10. It would be FANTASTIC to see Tranmere fall away without Vaughan 😁
  11. Naytch

    Dario Gradi..

    Weird as fuck that.
  12. Just had a look at the page- account suspended.
  13. 0-3 Dapo, Doyle, Miller
  14. Two teams bang in form, both likely to be in the play off mix come the end of the season. 1-1. Donaldson to miss a sitter.
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