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  1. To be fair to your mate, I can think of 115 reasons it could all go tits up! As an aside, I'm also in the flip-flop-every-5-minutes camp of tomorrow either being like the PJT, or a crushing, horrible disappointment.
  2. Baffling, just seen. Why hold these back when Wembley were on about flogging North to South (presumably for the TV cameras)? Can't see there being a rush for £86 tickets from people who are undecided with a couple of days to go??
  3. Enjoyed the little change to Randell Williams last night. He's not quite got the cult status Wilbraham has, but his name does scan quite nicely!
  4. Phewwww. Never easy is it?! Love football, love this club. Amazing atmosphere that, haven't seen anything of the sort in a loooong time. A privilege to be part of it. #ClappersIN
  5. And there's me thinking that football terraces are just proving grounds for future Poets Laureate.
  6. Well done to anyone who got one. No joy here, every seat I tried to pick was gone. Feel particularly sorry for the likes of Piemon who have done the miles and still got diddled by the fastest finger first lottery.
  7. I'd love an early goal at Peterborough, just to set Derby panicking. There's no reason why the unthinkable can't happen. I'm a #shitfan sunning myself in Italy this weekend (booked after the Shrewsbury game with my football hating missus when all hope was lost). Am I getting on WanderersTV Saturday on the absolute miniscule off chance? Fuck yes I am.
  8. Some howlers for Dion there today - hopefully he's got it out of his system now. If Nlundulu had missed those chances there'd be effigies burned in the street!
  9. He's going to score the winner at Wembley. Got Wilbraham-level status all over him.
  10. Hoooo boy. That's an amazing result. Roll on Saturday!!!
  11. I agree. I do wonder, barring a minor miracle (which in my eyes, is still on), how they'd fare in the Championship. I see them doing more a Rotherham / Sheff Weds than an Ipswich, for example. I honestly believe, if we get there, we'd be better suited with opposition playing more open and attacking rather than what Stevenage and the like serve up at home. Derby? Shithousing plodders, nothing more, nothing less. But annoyingly good at this level.
  12. It's not officially over, but it's very close now. Gutting. Only positive from today is Barnsley and Peterborough both losing at home to relegation fodder. That said, I wouldn't fancy Lincoln in the playoffs, in the form they're in.
  13. Superb, to a man. Lovely performance and result to take into derby. Evatt Out.
  14. Long game, I'd guess. Collins, 26, fairly high ability ceiling: potential resale value. Gayle, 34, similar wages most likely, on the way down, no resale value. We've already got a couple falling into that bracket (Bod, Jerome), why get a third? As an aside, I'll plait shit if Jerome isn't given a coaching contract next year. The days of giving journeymen huge final pay days is hopefully long behind us.
  15. Crumbs, another poor result, another time for meltdown on Wanderers Ways. Another late equaliser, and its still in our hands. KTF. We're going up... (Or summat. I went watching Bradford with my mate in the away end at Accrington so who knows. They were 3 up at HT, so I banished some demons at Accy at least.)
  16. Good, I hope it hurt the little no mark twat. "Ooooo e dunt get those duz e" is particularly sweet after hearing those dim yokshur pricks wax lyrical about their dinosaur tactics all night. Fuck off and enjoy League 1 next year you bitter shitlords.
  17. Mega. Absolutely fucking mega. Well done lads.
  18. Cheers. I'd seen something similar but as luck would have it I'm now working in Leeds all day tomorrow. So I could easily go... just not get to the ticket office for 10. Be reyt. I'll get back to the pub and watch it with a pint or two!
  19. Anyone any idea if Barnsley are doing away tickets POTD?
  20. I'm with you on benching Sheehan for this one. This pub side, with their duo of Scouse shithouses in the middle (Kane and Connell), would love nothing more than leaving a stud or two in on Sheehan - him getting another soft reactionary yellow, and getting suspended for two games (I believe he's on for a similar punishment to Thomason..?)
  21. You're suggesting we're a gnat's cock off 2nd in spite of Evatt rather than fundamentally because of the culture he's built into the playing side of the club since he walked through the door? Can't agree with that for a second.
  22. Just had a look at Barnsley and you're right. Only time I've been over there, we tonked their 10 men... I'd forgotten our hideous Derby record after a few beers. Fuck!
  23. Aye, and in the 80s, society still thought that people couldn't love who they wanted and that Golliwogs were OK. It's 2024. Move on.
  24. 2nd. Maybe some will say I'm naive, but for me, if I resign myself to this just being a playoff lottery season, why bother? We're over the shit horrible bogey fixtures, and we're going up.
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