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  1. Is Sharon single? Asking for a friend
  2. Our Maude just showed me that usually I cringe things like that but it’s class
  3. We can start a gentleman’s club
  4. He was absolutely brilliant today.
  5. Get the man a contract extension
  6. Slightly pissed I’m not gonna lie
  7. Initial foul outside the box
  9. What do you define as iconic, what’s the criteria
  10. Anelkas goal against Arsenal
  11. 😂kin’ell Zico. I like you
  12. This is what we’re in it for Kentus Football is about nervousness, anxiety, berating every misplaced pass, every minute ticking away, hearing results that affect us. Thinking of missed opportunities, the I can’t believe he’s missed that, the fuckin hell ref at every call against us Sitting at home needing something to do until Kick off Perspiration on your hands, a sweaty gooch, bitten fingernails This is what it’s all about, the whole season for this the grand prize. The ball hitting the onion bag, screaming at the ref to blow the whistle, the elation the
  13. What time do we start drinking?
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