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  1. I always find home friendlies are a bit gash but I think I’ll walk down for the game on Saturday
  2. Can’t remember who? I can have a guess
  3. No it was another cock
  4. Great Lever. GREAT. Not little, Great.
  5. That’s what I did
  6. Red Bull seem nervous to me, they are fighting this so hard Its motor racing Fuckin hypocrites
  7. Dipstick Tosspot 😂 When is divvy getting a run out?
  8. I’ve spent 10 years helping Guinness with their business Happy retirement VM
  9. Anyone see Craig David there? I thought what the fuck is Craig David doing at the Olympics After a bit of research turns out he used to be an archer so he’s helping out the British archery team He’s the Bow Selector
  10. Rudy


    She must be blind to shag the ugly cunt in the first place
  11. She came out bandaged up
  12. The cynic in me reckons Biles realised she’s not as good as she was, realised this in the first rounds along with the hype and thought fuck this, young mans game the Owd gymnastics
  13. Rudy


    “Mr Rooney, are you sure you want to proceed and have ALL the details come out?” “errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”
  14. Xavier will be out for 6 weeks in my opinion
  15. Joe Fuckin Kinnear have some bloody respect
  16. Rudy


    He’s done it on more than one occasion and she’s stuck with him
  17. When I was a kid I always thought Tony Adams and Jimmy Nail were the same person. Anyways I owe a lot to Bob Dylan for expanding my musical library, when I first started collecting vinyls someone I worked with was moving to Australia and was selling his vinyls, had quite an obscure taste so the only thing that caught my eye was blood on the tracks, so gave that a go, from there it was blonde on blonde, then highway 61. I think if I hadn’t had tried Dylan, I wouldn’t have become a fan of Neil Young, Tom Petty, CSN, The Doors.
  18. Rudy


    Are you suggesting saint Wayne has been up to no good?
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