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  1. My birthday weekend, only me with a ticket, I fancy this with bobbles on. Anyhow, we are there en-mass, looking forward to this after the rigmarole of the ifollow freezing on 88mins until the teams were shaking hands at the final whistle and I had to rely on the Argie lot posting on Twitter our goal.
  2. It’s what the club and fans make it, us fans have to up our game, especially the out of tune yoof who sing walking down the Manny Road at a pace I cant keep up with, we’ve got about 4 songs also, all boring.
  3. I was happy with the draw considering the home record they’ve got, but that’s just cowardice on my behalf I suppose, we have to take what’s coming be it good or bad in reality and thankfully it went our way this time.
  4. Nah, it’s “Whoever you may be”, “wherever you may be” doesn’t make sense. The song is implying it doesn’t matter who you are, not wherever they are.
  5. One of the very best defenders in the Bolton Combination without a doubt
  6. I’ve just got in from a Sunday session, my god that goal needs another wank, it’s a thing of shear beauty, it’s just something else. How good does that feel ?
  7. Considering Shrewsbury’s league record at home since the end of September that’s a great result against a team just below us. 6pts in a week, I’ll take that 🙂 Just been promoted and getting a result where other teams can’t is a huge boost, but I’m not getting carried away, I’ll still be happy for the squad to achieve consolidation this season.
  8. We look like we’re tiring, a bit lethargic
  9. looks like Dapo is on for Lee
  10. they've drafted in extra 'orange warriors', must be a big thing that down there.
  11. See, your at it already, lighten up pal 😂
  12. We always seem to mess up on games like this don’t we 😂
  13. On the 9th Anniversary of Sir Nats passing I’m hoping any booboys can have a day off, go to the match and support the team like the great man himself did. It’s only one match, not asking much.
  14. anyone upset that he didn't catch the 1 on 1 save he did in the first half I'd a idiot too
  15. I wouldn’t say ‘comfortably save’, but the four lads infront of the shot could of done more to protect him and it was a perfectly placed shot. The save with the one on one in the first half was superb keeping as well, he did everything spot on.
  16. Wycombe were wasting time near the end of the first half, we more than matched them, it was the 2nd goal which turned the screw, a great goal. We’ve come a long way in the last 12 months, I’m certainly not going to spit my dummy out, with what we had out there we held our own and played nice football and I honestly thought we’d do them in the 2nd half, but like I said, the 2nd goal did us. Carry on playing like we did early doors and we’ll get results.
  17. I think we’re going to need to be patient, it’s going to take a huge turnover of playing staff to get us back into the Championship, then there’s the staying up. Taking into account where we are and what needs doing it’s probably going to take two seasons minimum, we’d need a team who can walk this league, until we have it the step up will be a huge struggle to stay in it.
  18. I agree with this, you’d think he’d want to go out on a high.
  19. My view is we are in a consolidation season. Last season we excelled in the last 20 games and got promoted with L2 and non-league players. This season we have L2 and L1 level so need to try finish mid-table and build on that next season. At the start of the season I said I’d be happy with mid-table and nothing’s changed, it’s on and off the pitch that has to tally and being sustainable to meet FFP so we don’t end up in the shit again. I’m happy with everything as it is for the time being, yes we’ve got a nice ground, but some folk need a reality check on how long the journeys going to take, a nice ground doesn’t mean your better than the opposition on the day.
  20. Decent 1st half, the 2nd goal killed us off. Most of our players are too small, we need height and muscle, it’s that what beats us most games
  21. whilst these are wasting time we need to keep our heads, there’s a sense of urgency in our play and we want it. We’re capable of beating these, a bit better movement in their half and they’re there for the taking, we’re playing not too bad at all
  22. This is much better, much much better
  23. just been speaking to a lad I know, Kyle Dempsey is by far their best player, rates him very highly. He's a northern lad so probably will want to sign for us
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