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  1. them lads in that heat against a shit ref and extra player bust a gut. At the final whistle I was happy with the result, but seeing the picture of the ball across the line has soured things considerably. utter cnut
  2. our Dale has gone, should of said earlier
  3. your brave asking that on here.
  4. going down Friday after work, back Sunday. See you there.
  5. got our tickets got our tickets this morning, I think we're in the same as you pal
  6. Silly, he’s in a bit of trouble now with the new rules.
  7. That's me all over, sod everyone else, it's irrelevant unless it's the end of the season run in.
  8. the game is improving all the time, Baka puts a shift in and works hard for the team, his passing was 2nd to none yesterday, loved it
  9. cheers pal, I'd of clapped if I'd of known
  10. I was at that game in Amsterdam and he got dragged off at half time, was horrendous.
  11. yep, I was in East Lower and didn't have a clue who the chap was at half time on the pitch waving around the ground, could of been anyone?
  12. I rate him better than Ricketts, puts a much higher energy shift in anyhow
  13. I'm going straight from work, got to juggle my weekend rota with away matches. I'm not predicting the score as I'm a kiss-of-death and not a neghead..
  14. yep, not many places even will accept Scottish notes
  15. amen to that, they're not worthy of it
  16. He's spending one night in Bangkok.....
  17. yep, very disappointing isn't it.
  18. I've got two spare for tomorrow if anyone needs them fellas
  19. free pint for us lot making the trip to Ipswich at the next home game in the fanzone. Superb gesture by the club, we just carry on ticking boxes
  20. Last time I saw her she called me Uncle Breightmet so I'm out the equation. She's not getting married at St.Augustines so she's not allowed anyhow, only yolkles from that seedy area commit such deviancy. 😉
  21. Niece/God-daughter getting married, I’m missing this one.
  22. looking forward to this now, loads of my family will be there, I'm driving down my pals and we are staying over night, drop the motor off and away we go. One of my brothers lives in Freethorpe just outside Norwich, he's already asked me to take him down Smileys book, he's well up for this, can't wait, setting off at 6am.
  23. 1-1 on injury time goals, good workout that was
  24. It’s opening up now, should be a good last 30mins
  25. I’d rather not have them, we’ve got a feel good factor at the ground, perhaps they don’t like it 😂
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