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  1. absolutely spot on how i see it. Couldnt care less about Wigan, it's Man United whos ours throughout history
  2. defeat is raw, a beer, sleep and Tuesday to look forward to, chill fellas.
  3. i think these lot would tear us a new one if we did, perhaps on 75mins if we need to
  4. Brockbank not playing that well, looks rather shaky, needs to play the sensible ball
  5. on a plate, still had the chance to pick up the scorer mind
  6. Perhaps theyre upset at the sign as Little Lever has the highest population of DMBs in Bolton?
  7. I watched the full game and was comfortable with the first half performance. A mate who’s a DMB watched it, his verdict was ‘Why did you keep passing the ball across your back line whilst 1-0 down with 10mins to go’? I explained the Real Madrid mentality the squad have on how the game should be played for entertainment value, but he came back with ‘Well you lost, perhaps in the last 10mins of games your behind it might be worth taking that extra risk for the sake of a point or three’. I think there’s logic there, but we have scored late goals this year and proved we don’t struggle coming from behind to win games.
  8. 2 lads walking it, no not really
  9. not urgent enough for the equaliser, were struggling to pass forward and when we do its far too long
  10. nowp, happy with that
  11. So close that game at Sunderland. If we’d of won that, and we could of done, we’d be one point off top of the league. Stop the negs, shut them up, we can do something this season fellas, capable of anything our club.
  12. I love how IE makes our neghead fans eat humble pie and gets results, just like tonight. Relax, support the team and don’t panic, our team are capable of anything at any time, take the rough with the smooth and stop expecting too much. In IE we trust
  13. Kieran Lee fabulous, easily MOM in my eyes
  14. Ipswich 6 Doncaster 0. Our away win isn’t that shabby is it really 😂
  15. WiganTV a bit slower by the looks of it
  16. That’s the one, Dapo swapping about would cause them problems
  17. We’re always better 2nd half, these are shite, there for the taking. IE halftime teamtalk should be relatively easy, these are there for the taking, don’t rate em at all
  18. Superb Neil’s family had time to be with him on his special day 🙂 Happy Birthday Happy 🙂
  19. I’m actually happy with the performance, our defenders threw themselves in front of plenty of shots, our midfields passing was mint, we just need someone to compliment the nine and punish the other team, with that we are capable of a surge and good run of wins
  20. Our passing this second half has been as good as I’ve seen us do this season, interceptions have been top notch too, it’s just banging it in
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