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Qatar World Cup


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3 hours ago, Eddie said:

Raphina I’ll give you, albeit he hardly lit up the Prem at Leeds.

Richarlison was so good he got a move from Everton to Spurs

Fred is shit, Casemiro wouldn’t be let go by Real if he was still one of the best in the world and Silva is not one of the best 5 defenders in the Prem and probably isn’t in the top 15-20 in the world anymore.

I’m not arguing that they’re not good players, clearly they are, I just don’t think they deserve the hype that they’ve received with many thinking this World Cup is basically a done deal.

Real would've kept Casemiro but it was he who pushed for the move  


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2 minutes ago, gonzo said:

Can see this too. All areas covered.

Getting the rub of the green too.


Not with that cunt up top.

You can't be carrying a CF every game, no matter how good he has been in the past.

So far all he's done is score a penalty he dived for, tried nicking someone else's goal and dived around a bit.

Whoever wins this tournament will have a striker who troubles defenders.

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You can find faults in almost all the teams who have played twice so far, but Brazil have yet to concede a shot for Alisson to make, form can change over the course of 1 match as seen with England, but Brazil along with Spain and France have been the stand outs so far for me.

France are winning with key players injured but Mbappe can beat teams on his own it seems, Spain are playing really nice but Germany had their moments, Portugal have 2 wins, but as seen with how they nearly blew a 3-1 lead to Ghana (crazy moment from goalie) they shouldn't be feared.

tbh there's a not really anyone to fear for England, as upfront we have just as much talent, but play like we did v USA and we ain't winning nothing.

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I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see one of the so-called minnows make the semis at least.

Morocco especially but Ghana and Japan (they've probably fucked it up with that Costa Rica result though).

Senegal another team that could go far as could USA. Canada are one to watch in the next World Cup.

I know the gap has been closing since 1990, but feels ever more so at this one, even the Middle Eastern teams are very good now.

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6 hours ago, L/H White said:

This will be a tough test. 

Always a well organised threat at tournaments the Swiss

..and once again came through comfortably. Exactly what you want at the group stage. Peaking too early can be fatal.

What I suppose most miss are the defensive facts. Alisson Becker hasn't had to make a save yet. Obviously far bigger threats to come but perfectly happy with how things are progressing.

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5 hours ago, Pablo said:


You clearly dont watch the prem this or last season, Raphinia was brilliant for Leeds, hence the move.

Silva is brilliant, jesus H!!!


Richarlison got a move from relegation fodder to a champions league team, and is brilliant for Brazil has been for 3 years!!

No such thing as a shit footballers who plays in the prem and starts in the biggest tournaments in the world....

Casemiro is world class, thats not even a debate if he doesn't play for United.

May as well leave it Pabbers but yes, you are correct on almost everything you've said on this subject.

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