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Kit for next season

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I wouldn't wear a replica shirt, but on the other hand I also wouldn't pitch up at a game with a coat that had goggles built into the hood.

£30 for last season's ST holders. Fuck the rest of em.......

Looks like an inventory of the clothing at a Goan orphanage.

6 minutes ago, Breightmet Boy said:

lets just say that a coupke of us at work are on here and actually squirmed reading this 🙂

Some things are better left unsaid. 🙄. Anyhow unless he had changed his name then it wasn’t his mum 😁.
But less is more as they say my new motto from now on 

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3 minutes ago, BWFC_LOVE said:

It’s decent. Not sure where this obsession with us having blue sleeves has come from mind; including the gear that Hummel sorted us out with, that’s three kits in a row with that template. 

Here's my thinking. Last season the colours were agreed with macron and submitted as white shirts, blue sleeves, blue shirts, white socks before things went proper tits up. 


Then things went proper tits up. We find a short term fix for shirts matching the submission, straight from Pro direct. Once ship has been steadied, we move to own brand. This season, we have a perfectly good kit mothballed for 12 month and go ahead that. 


Expect all yellow away kit too, with a third. 


I also have visions of the following phone call from macron 'bonjourno senor sweaty, we have the kits aready, but you no payer for the beebs, and sonnies tracksuit, we no give you the new kits yet' 


When shit turned sour

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Yellow is third kit

Second kit is the one


And whats this obsession with the colour of the HB logo from the crusty underkeks crew

Just what colour would you change it to

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2 minutes ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

more than happy with home bargains as sponsors, but the logo just doesn't sit well on what is essentially a decent shirt.

At least the colours are relatively kind to the rest of the shirt, not like the days of 188 Bet’s orange blob. 

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Not the best I’ve seen and nowhere near the worst. Will do for me. Only ever bought the retro Normid shirt, the black away one and the shite Adidas one with the 188bet logo that peeled off. Will prob get this one to chuck some money in the coffers and annoy the local Oldham yonners  

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