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  1. Cardiff are on about losing players this summer because they can’t afford to compete on wages with others in that league. No way are they paying big money for Dapo.
  2. No, but the week before at Burton I was gone after about 70 minutes convinced we were down. That and the battering at Wigan are the recent ones that stick out. Was halfway back towards town soaking wet when Remi Matthews rolled the ball out to their striker.
  3. Same illness that Sarcevic suffered with against us presumably. Also Gillingham is grim
  4. Not an IE edict, @BWFC_LOVE was instructed to do the same under Allardyce in the PL days
  5. Fair enough when we’re a couple of goals up to run down the clock hut that clown was doing it at 0-0
  6. QFPants


    Wycombe are 2/1 if you want to fund it…
  7. You’re not wrong! Stockport County fan at work told me today it’s £25 a ticket when they play Kings Lynn away this season. £25 for non-league is ridiculous.
  8. Never been but according to Bolton Whites Facebook
  9. Sent you a PM mate, got them on me at the minute but yours if you want them still
  10. Got 2 adult tickets spare if anyone needs them; can’t make it anymore
  11. Every time we played then that mon. Feel like every time we played then at home in the Prem we battered then and got nowt
  12. Wiped out after next round I think
  13. Surely Darcy is an under age homegrown player, doesn’t count does he?
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