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  1. Surely Darcy is an under age homegrown player, doesn’t count does he?
  2. Fully onboard with that, Morecambe are a horrible side, let the scruffs get smashed at Wembley
  3. Declan John made that pitch look like a carpet, far too good for this level
  4. Surprised Delf hasn’t started if only to help defend set pieces against these big lads, IE going for it, let’s bag a few!
  5. Commentary out of sync for everyone?
  6. Yes no way you can rely on Strava for calories, mine is linked to my Garmin though. Was 44 minutes something I think, to be fair I only weigh about 61kgs so I’m not that arsed about calories, was just curious how it worked out. Now to crack open a Big Drop pale ale just for @Rudy
  7. No I was just interested. My Garmin had me at 565 calories for a 10k yesterday and I was wondering how accurate that was and how many beers I’d earned. Still debating whether to wait until second half before I start on the beer, have done that the last few games and it’s worked out ok for the whites.
  8. How does speed correlate anyway Rudy? If you do the same distance faster then you’re not excercising for as long, I have no idea
  9. Yes wasn’t being a dick about anyone’s speed or fitness but no way is a 10k run burning 1200 Cala surely
  10. Surely not 1200 calories per run?
  11. If you don’t want to see tea time take a drink every time Lee Hendrie says ‘I just feel’
  12. Might knock any wind out of Walsall’s sails for Saturday though
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