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  1. Sent you a PM mate, got them on me at the minute but yours if you want them still
  2. Got 2 adult tickets spare if anyone needs them; can’t make it anymore
  3. Every time we played then that mon. Feel like every time we played then at home in the Prem we battered then and got nowt
  4. Wiped out after next round I think
  5. Surely Darcy is an under age homegrown player, doesn’t count does he?
  6. Fully onboard with that, Morecambe are a horrible side, let the scruffs get smashed at Wembley
  7. Declan John made that pitch look like a carpet, far too good for this level
  8. Surprised Delf hasn’t started if only to help defend set pieces against these big lads, IE going for it, let’s bag a few!
  9. Commentary out of sync for everyone?
  10. If you don’t want to see tea time take a drink every time Lee Hendrie says ‘I just feel’
  11. Might knock any wind out of Walsall’s sails for Saturday though
  12. Reckon their man saved a goal there
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