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  1. That shite is head & shoulders over the shite thats been played @ the Bok this season!!!!!
  2. I knew some wiggin lads who worked at the Post Office depot in Farnworth; a box came through with Gunnlaugsson name on it; they had a game of football with it, then sent it on. Thought it was quite funny mesen!!
  3. Mounts; I love your loyalty, but were fcukin doomed mate, doomed i tell ya!!!!
  4. Lad in court today; Magistrate says"Are you Kieran Stapleton" Lad say's "No I'm Psycho Stapleton" Also refused to stand Might follow this when it goes to trial. Toodle pip
  5. I look out for Exeter results, cause I have family there& of course the Mighty Reds Of O/T Toodle pip
  6. Thats the manager who's signed these fcukin dog shit players, well the Mr Coker i disagree
  7. Was held in high esteem by all us old L/H lads, worked with him @ Eatons for a few years also. 1 off the best lads Bolton ever produced!! R.I.P John
  8. A friend o mine got shot dead in New orleans; Be carefull & enjoy yasen!! isaac
  9. Cant see what all the fcukin fuss is about; Anton; is Black therefore a Black bastard Terry; is White therefore a fcukin cnut of the highest order Chungy; has slanty eyes therefore a slanty eyed dog eater Hope this helps
  10. He might have a Plan B but our Owen definately hasn't
  11. A recent survey has found that 1 in 3 women is as stupid as the other 2
  12. Probably better joining them than watching that shower o shite @ the Bok!!!!
  13. If it had been a boxing match, they would've stopped it before they even scored, we were terrible. Sunland are a mid table team & we struggled like fcuk with em all game. Gonna be a depressing season me thunks!!!
  14. Along with Robinson, Davies, Prattly, Reo Coker & Petrov
  15. Well here's my 3 penneth!!! If we get beat @ Wiggin; Coyle needs to go!!! His tactics need a fcukin good looking at, we aint got no plan B Doomed were all dooooooooooomed!!!!
  16. I'm begining tp warm to the cnut!! think he talks a good game!!
  17. Mickey; I like your possitive reply but all I can see is a long hard slog!!!!! This squad is fcukin garbage!! & when Cahill goes (even though he was shit today) it will be even crappier!!!! Isaac
  18. He aint got a clue when we go a goal behind!! Right the players we have] Zak Knight is shit with a capital shit!!!! Paul robinson is Shit Chris Eagles is Shit Martin Petrov is shit Nigel Reo Coker is shit Bogdan was shit on wednesday with that Giraffe Wheater!!! & I can see this season being fcukin shit!!!
  19. A mate o mine was going on Holiday to Italy with a few o the lads from the pub. Just about before landing the Pilot comes over the Tannoy This is Captain whoever & we'll be landing soon, It's a lovely day in wherever & it's 26 degree's Another mate said. Work that out Steely. Steely closes his eye's looks up & says " 12 quid" Half the lads say " what is" To which Steely say's 20 x 60p Priceless He was right though!! Isaac
  20. Was on the said coach!!! seen that lad get his throat cut!!!! Of some cnut who was signing in on bail or summat like The coach was organised by our friend from Daubhil, now residing in Aus. Isaac
  21. The Everton LC Semi was a ticket match. I was sober that night & remember it well
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