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  1. It ran like me, fcukin slow
  2. My nephews do tiling mate, let me know if your still looking
  3. we got thumped 8-0 (eight) by QPR when they had that plastic pitch. remember the video printer actually printing the eight out.
  4. we got thumped 8-0 (eight) by QPR when they had that plastic pitch. remember the video printer actually printing the eight out.
  5. Wogden whites are going tomorrow also.
  6. Was a very good turnout for the Bolton's undisputed No-1 Rip mate x
  7. Old boys are having this 1 as there annual away day this season.
  8. Isaac is making a rare outing to Derby, but you can fcuk off with going in the match sheer depression after my last visit when we didn't start to play until we were 3 bout down. Train & Derby Town Centre for this dick head. toodles
  9. I was in Amsterdam this time a few years back & we played ipshit @ Home & ferddy bobic scored a hat trick if I remember rightly. remember watching the grand national on 1 telly & the results coming through on tother. same result please
  10. isaacunt

    Take Over

    He sure is a good lad, 1 of walkdens finest.
  11. Mounts, at a quick glance I see N Twiston-Davies has a couple of Runners. He has the Favourite in the 2.30 Volcano 15/8 (should piss it) & an outsider in the first race " Constante Via (worth a couple o quid E/Way pal) Good luck
  12. Enzo; just backed 4off those in a Luck 15 cheers pal
  13. I bought my first scarf from his shop in L/H. the white 1 with the 2 red stripes if I remember rightly. Or have I just made that up!!! RIP GW xxx
  14. I went spain last year & used my Bet365 every day mate
  15. Eddie Hopkinsons Testimonial for me, like Ani
  16. Eddie Hopkinsons Testimonial for me, like Ani
  17. I got arrested that day. never did owt honest!!!! toodle pip
  18. isaacunt


    I thought Affray was more than 3 peeps, could well be wrong though. Toodle pip
  19. I heard Vela will be an Huddersfield player when the window opens
  20. Bolty, our kid says the same. Twice that season we were confronted by some cunt with a Sword; Owdum & Scunthorpe. those were the fcukin days!!!! Toodle Pip
  21. I am convinced the mad rocker with the sword was Scunthorpe, but you could be wrong. toodle pip.
  22. Well I remember when the ground was singing Fabrice Muamba, a Spuds fan I seen on TV was actually singing Fabrice the Wanker. He was very sheepish when he seen the camera on him
  23. Isaac will be there for this 1, can't remember my last visit to a home match
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