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  1. A non scoring striker would fit our usual game plan. Maybe he can hold the ball up/head it . Not a midget 6ft 3in .
  2. Your finest post ……ever!
  3. All day long , would even chip in.
  4. In retrospect quite balanced given our position at the time , I won’t bother trawling through your previous mails you supercilious happy clapper.
  5. No I wasn’t but do carry on.
  6. All very laudable & in another situation would be fine , but we are currently looking down both relegation barrels & we are being bullied in every area of the pitch so we need some mettle.We are not Man City , we are going to have to scrap this season out & we won’t survive playing kids in key areas.
  7. Some of us don’t watch as many intellectual films as you .
  8. Lives in the borough as well , not as close as Arthur granted. Decent keeper as well.
  9. Go and boil your fucking head you smarmy cunt.
  10. Don’t be clever , Gilkes is past it as well you know. There has to be some availability of an experienced keeper out there sat on the bench who might like to actually participate.
  11. Well he’s young & inexperienced & not what we need right now.
  12. A goalie who knows the ropes & can command his box & organise his defence would be a start
  13. This goalie is another rookie ……talk about lessons learned ? It hard to keep confidence in Evatt when we all know an experienced keeper is what we need ffs.
  14. I agree with you but can’t see him bringing in another CB hope I’m wrong.
  15. Kinnel are you on the wacky baccy ?
  16. Due to COVID watched the game on ifollow. takes the emotion out of it really , Christ we are shite at times. even when we were on top first half & then a short purple patch in the second (when their shithousery was at its apex) didn’t really look like scoring. Bako is useless played wide.Our midfield is non functional in that it has no shape & we continually lose second ball. Dixon should save the first one & the second one is lack of defensive nous dealing with a punt up field. Aimson did ok Santos was below par & John can’t defend for toffee. Fossey & Jones should be first names on Sat. team sheet. positives , erm Charles plus the two above.
  17. PCR positive , no bastard symptoms , so out …….OUCH ! ifollow wanker toneet. take a draw as well
  18. Morley played against Plymouth in the FA cup it was televised. Didn’t look like a defensive midfielder to me , he scored a pearler & was unlucky with another effort , neat & tidy . Didnt stand out massively but him & Beesley were Rochdale’s best players on the day.
  19. Aye same thing crossed my mind , although trying to do it against City is just kamikaze after all they not Hartlepool reserves.
  20. Ok I’ll bite , are we talking Dion or another?
  21. Attitude always A1 , good professional , thanks for your goals & effort and all the best in Ireland.
  22. Yes Doyler what a stinker of a nickname Not sure about shipping him out at the moment. Charles might get a ban & Bako is an eggshell , must be something else coming in ? please not some scrawny youth.
  23. Pity this thread has deteriorated into a school dick waving competition. RIP Tony.
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