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    78 Promotion

    Also on the Embankment that day ...must have been near you as I remember a copper not opening the gate and some climbing the fence. Hell of a crush at the front and was more swept through the gate ripping my watch off my wrist in the process when it was finally opened. Managed to keep my scarf tied to the other wrist though ;-)
  2. As long as you manage to sneak past the line of dibble on the train station ...still one of my favourite youtube vids!! ????
  3. No point, women weren't allowed at football then were they? Actually just remembered a scrap between two girls on the Lever End pre seats days with them ripping each others clothes off. Plod trying to get to them and the crowd of lads stopping them whilst encouraging the girls.
  4. Fantastic day, superb performance from the team ensuring we didn't care what was going on elsewhere, three generations of us there to see one of the best days in BWFC history for a while culminating with a phone call from daughter and son in law in spain to make sure we'd got the g/kids on the pitch.
  5. At warm up match with g/daughter in Preston then it's a belt down the m/way for the main event. COYWM
  6. Still ons ESL left after your 2.
  7. Due to people fleeing the country and a severe case of PMT 2 ESL available.
  8. Got one available. Let me known as was going to return today. Number I have for you is slightly out of date apparently, :lol: !!
  9. Still showing a few (20 ish) for ESL available
  10. No doubt we'll have some sat down either in or round our 'seats' who also start moaning because we're stood up.
  11. 4 trains all on time and connections made ..must be a first! Have a great day all and bring back the points.
  12. I'll pass the message on to the person without a season ticket ;-)
  13. Fuckin hell are you two sat at the same desk!!! Can't tell who's the monkey and who's the organ grinder!!
  14. Esl adult required if anyone has other plans. Ta.
  15. No worries, think we've sussed it. Cheers.
  16. Read something about rankings and changes from http to https. Not wishing to hijack Swanny's thread but if any techie bods have any 'simple' information along the lines of its bollocks / really needs looking at before 11am tomorrow would be appreciated.
  17. In the meantine make sure you keep your semi erect penis to hand.
  18. My lad's trying to make it. Would top him driving to Middlesbrough and back on his own for a midweeker.
  19. Gonzo - Head of Programming
  20. Currently on constant redial to a direct line at BT to my "dedicated case manager" who only starts work at 1:30pm but so far has been incapable of picking up her phone !!! EDIT: If she tries to ring me back after 6:30pm again I'll not be here ....I don't sit at my desk 24/7!!
  21. Your ex ipad still going strong but now belongs to 4yr old g/daughter
  22. God help us when we lose a game!! Some people are born glass half empty!
  23. We drove to Stansted, flew to Salzburg then train to Munich ...was a bloody long drive coming back!
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