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  1. Do believe the latest battlenips is Tera Patrick..
  2. Sounds like it might be Uist?
  3. Mourinho works best when has a large core of players who buy into his philosophy completely, soldiers almost who play while injured. At Chelsea it was Terry, Lampard, Drogba, Carvalho, Essien etc. Peak Mourinho at Inter, it was Materazzi, Schneider, Milito, Eto'o. That famous photo of Materazzi and Mourinho hugging and crying as he was leaving Inter for Madrid. Check Benitez's record after the treble year, same side I think.
  4. You're confusing Boycott making is 100th FC 100 in a Test Match, at Headingley. List of 100s in 100th Test https://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/content/records/231596.html
  5. My 75 year old Mum booked in for vaccine next week, great news. My gf's Dad succumbed to Covid last week, after looking like he was coping well, so she's devastated.
  6. In saying that, just pro-rata'd Newport's points from 7th placr and they get 77. So what the fuck do I know.
  7. That would give us 72 pts, imo that would be enough in such a tight league. We qualified for the playoffs one year on 69. Remember Notts County being miffed even being on the same pitch as us having accrued 87 I think.
  8. Socially distanced high five from Busselton!
  9. Concrete is strong in compression but weak in tension so Johnny not so tough after all.
  10. Great footage. Commentator sounds like Allan Weeks?
  11. Wasn't this fella was it? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edmund_Trebus
  12. As you wish. 54 Misread post above, so forgive me...
  13. How many firefighters and police died in the same time? This isn't a question that needs answering btw. Very, very sobering stat.
  14. Takes about 2-3 weeks to attain ketosis. Well it did for me anyway. Had these ketostix that you piss on, similar to a litmus test. A proper keto diet for 3 weeks is bloody tough!
  15. Justin Langer is supposed to be a massive arsehole. Picking fights with 2nd teamers whilst at Middlesex being one example.
  16. Should my 75 year old Mum have been contacted for an appointment yet? Was talking to her the other day and she shows zero signs of proactively trying to get one.
  17. Friends of mine booking flights Dec 21st for the Boxing Day test but making sure fully refundable
  18. And me, it's done some miles. Bolton, Christchurch, Auckland, Melbourne and now pride of place in my campervan 🙂
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