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  1. Is it gonna be biscuit wrists, poppadom wrists or prawn cocktail wrists. Decisions decisions.
  2. Back to bed after another wonderful "good morning" from BWFC 👍
  3. Aye Mark Came was good at that level and getting better until he got injured. First time I've read Arsenal and Everton were interested in signing him https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/7992028.cruel-twist-of-fortune-wrecked-career-of-hero-came/
  4. Went to that, fucking dreadful even by the standards then. Only highlight was some massively pissed bloke stood at the front, trying to banter with the coppers. "Maggie's (Thatcher) said be lenient on the Bolton fans" etc So leathered he whipped his old fella out to have a piss where he stood. Ended up pushing the patience too far and got thrown out.
  5. Been volunteering for BlazeAid over here, and currently staying at Border Walwa Football Club, the acronym (or initialism) I've only just realised after 3 days here. Cancelled the current season, due to the bushfires, sounds like we should do the same.
  6. Michael Owens career was a bit mixed but bear in mind his next game after the game against us was a certain hat-trick in Munich.
  7. Always worth a revisit. Looks like we were a bit outnumbered at that point. Generally accepted we got the better of it though?
  8. The people saying they're no mugs this team etc
  9. It's 2am here, think I'll carry on with my kip, night all 👍
  10. Surely Brookman offside for the first?! As it looked like JT touched it before Brookman. Brookman was a talented player but was also a bit of a lad and boozed didn't he?
  11. Cheese is one of only very few on this thread speaking sense.
  12. Saw some big bash cricket in Jan Feb, Australia have some fantastic batting talent. Beating them is some result.
  13. Aye we did. Burnden Paddock was singing "we love you Newport, we do" as it was clear they were fielding a low strength side and struggling. Seem to remember they had a decent centre midfielder with long hair who really gave his all in spite of the circumstances.
  14. Adam Le Fondre in the A League Final if anyone's bothered and has it available, Sydney v Melbourne City. Kick off 9.30am UK time.
  15. Went this game, Ian Stevens turned it around when he came on.
  16. World class time-wasting from Brookman there
  17. Think Dave wanted to give Nicky Brookman a rub-off. Dare I suggest the commentary for Bolton's 3rd a little one-eyed 😆
  18. This discussion of how good a player Silva is and relevance to the statue is missing the point a bit for me. Also a question of the relationship between club and player as much as anything. Good example, Nat and Bolton the unbreakable lifelong marriage. Obviously City love him but does Silva really love City? He's just fucked them off for Sociedad. Henry went to Barcelona. Some might say he's returning home, but wasn't he almost joining Lazio at one point.
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