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  1. Lived on Thornham Drive, Astley Bridge I recall.
  2. Fair fucks to em I say for renovating half of East Manchester
  3. He chose the better venue. Hamilton ain't great!
  4. Is he around next week in Hamilton? May meet him if so. Booked a weekend on Great Barrier Island so couldn't make the First Test.
  5. Aye Winny arrives tomorrow apparently. Not unreasonably I thought Sydney White in Tauranga would be him. There's two mad uns it seems 🙂
  6. Bolton's here, Bolton's there, nah nah nah etc
  7. We had a run of wins around March 2017, possibly then? Edit...Yep, 5 on the bounce between a 4-2 away win at Fleetwood, and 2-0 away win at Shrewsbury
  8. Haven't most of the world's great batsmen been short or shortish? Lara Gavaskar Tendulkar Bradman Border Ponting to name a few.
  9. Had to peel myself from the pub for that. Marvellous!
  10. The weather is looking shite for the 5th T20 so may well be an unsatisfactory end. Been glorious all week in Auckland too.
  11. Not officially I guess, but if FV the "only show in town" that's your possible leverage for FV.
  12. Some stunner out of Emmerdale I saw at the Emirates watching BWFC. Redhead.
  13. Meeting up with a couple of other Bolton fans for the 5th T20 at Eden Park.
  14. That the game 3 days after Hillsborough? Hence probably the fence removed
  15. The 80s version got a bit out of hand
  16. What about that Hilary St John Smythe or whatever she's called? She'd have the EFL begging for mercy
  17. In the days of me using trains there used to be a train direct between Bolton and Barrow, and I assume vice versa. Possibly stops at Horwich Parkway. If it doesn't you mat be better changing at Preston.
  18. Ferguson retired in 2013 so that's possibly the reason
  19. You could be right Duck Egg. The 3-1 at Tranmere was so sweet, given it came right in the middle of Granada's masturbatory behaviour toward them.
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