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  1. I'm thinking setting up Sky's broadcast equipment is quite an undertaking?
  2. Always enjoy reading some preseason optimism, it's what fans do of course but that's the first "we're gonna get consecutive promotions" I've ever seen 😆
  3. Can only think Muslim supporters then?
  4. Think kids shirts were supplied without when we had gambling sponsors
  5. Assumption but doesn't sound too clever with his Dad.
  6. Usually side with the club if a player is being a dick but as it's Madrid, fuck em.
  7. jayjayoghani


    Looks like it yes, someone left a condolence message on his Facebook account. RIP Biff
  8. Looks like he looked after himself too. Cancer doesn't discriminate I guess. Sorry to read this, he was a very good presenter.
  9. Username wiganmustdie might not get you in
  10. Is John Gwynne still doing match reports?
  11. I see it's £40m. Another parachute payment that. For all the talk of City and their defence, they only conceded a couple more than Liverpool last season.
  12. Driven through Dumbarton a few times enroute further north. Looks like a hellhole, nothing like that
  13. Speaking of Warne, nice article on the BBC https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cricket/53465043
  14. You being serious? West Ham hardly have a queue of long servants and world cup winning captains that died young. I recall City retired the number 23 for Marc Vivien Foe, that's ridiculous. FFS he only went there on loan for one season.
  15. Also played in the Madrid game when they murdered Man Utd at OT. The Redondo back heel game.
  16. Aye, part of my thinking. If one battle sums up Watford v Arsenal, it's Deeney v Luiz. Thinking about it, he's surely got to play that Kolasinic fella or someone similar.
  17. More a case of Arsenal being brittle. Although they've beaten the countries two best sides, football a funny old game and all that.
  18. Gunnlaugsson? Anybody else?
  19. Can easily see Watford beating Arsenal if they need to.
  20. Once read an online post from Leicester fan heartily thanking Bolton for taking not one but three of their overpaid, underperforming shithouses. Enabled them to push for promotion and ultimately of course the Premier League title. Mills, Beckford and Danns.
  21. 360 degrees would be even better. Not 90 degrees?
  22. Didn't know that, cheers. Bit sad that eccentricity coming to an end!
  23. The most absurd one is Queens Park, Scottish League Two playing at Hampden surely.
  24. I'm hoping "I can't believe it's not butter" sponsor it.
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