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  1. Alternatively move to a country that doesn't piss down all the time 👍
  2. https://fullfact.org/online/keir-starmer-prosecute-jimmy-savile/
  3. Only 4 years after Paul Hanley's videos too. Jamie Redknapp, mentioned above
  4. jayjayoghani


    Well he should boycott a World Cup in Qatar then. That would get the sponsors riled
  5. Anecdote came out after Roger Moore's death. Does sound a great sort https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/tv/news/roger-moore-james-bond-airport-story-anecdote-signature-a7752636.html
  6. In the interests of neutrality, Nigel Lawson Roy Hattersley Shirley Williams
  7. We had some Greek team, Salonika?while not massive in numbers fuckin hell they made a racket. Seem to remember the stewards tried to sort "something" out and made a very hasty retreat
  8. Just tried Cooper's Stout as I'm in Whyalla, very nice indeed.
  9. Aye, definitely needs to start writing stuff down.
  10. To be honest mate, I think they'd be happier in NSW. Bit more civilised, imagine Mackay full of hard drinking racists. I haven't been to Wagga Wagga but been doing a lot of travelling around Aus and have come to the conclusion the smaller towns are far friendlier. Found most Melbourne folk very "coffee shop" friendly for instance. Bit shallow in other words.
  11. Albury is lovely, visited there in October. NSW is now Australia's pariah, Victoria's cases came from NSW. I thought she was moving to Mackay, QLD rightly or wrongly?
  12. Western Australia just put up a hard border with Victoria based on just 5 community cases. Potentially fucks up my plans as I was going to enter WA next week from South Australia. Left Victoria on Boxing Day but unsure if this good enough.
  13. That was us wasn't it? Against Leicester.
  14. Twas on the news here as it's the one the Aussies are pinning hopes on. Not often said this this year but felt a pang of patriotism for the motherland 🙂
  15. Probably won't appear in many obituaries but can't forget the time he started a fight with his interviewer after a game
  16. moving like that, is it even allowed? Even if it is, they should self-isolate until a negative test.
  17. Zero history of baldness in either parent's side here, past or present. Not stopped me having hair loss though but thankfully seems to have stabilized. First noticed in my mid 20s when I ceased to be able to grow a fringe. Few grey hairs on the sides which don't really bother me. Bit of an old fucker at 47, folk seem to think I look younger so I'll take it.
  18. It was a fantastic result but it was 1993 and Souness was in charge, and he was struggling to rebuild IMO, the better result was at Arsenal.
  19. No11 absent hurt https://www.espncricinfo.com/series/india-tour-of-england-1974-62274/england-vs-india-2nd-test-63126/full-scorecard
  20. Gavaskar was commentating on Aussie TV saying at least that minor stat is off his record now.
  21. Espresso pot Buy coffee beans decent quality, roasted, and grind to suit.
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