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  1. There's a Makants Farm at top of Eagley Way. Mate of mine used to live there.
  2. Once got talking to Phil Stant outside Su's Chippy in AB. Said he'd love to play for Bolton.
  3. I was thrilled when we signed him. Experienced PL footballer, with best years possibly still ahead, 29 at time of signing. Another fucking knee injury. That Holden podcast recently, he criticised the treatment he got. I'm wondering if the surgeons who treated BWFC knees at the time were winging it a bit when you add Sean Davis and Mark Davies in too.
  4. Wimbledon and The Open have insurance against pandemics so your point is valid.
  5. I know this website a lot of things, but full of competitive dildo throwers, is a new one.
  6. Took me a few mins to realise the cameras the opposite side!
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/apr/03/nrl-and-players-open-to-island-proposal-to-get-season-back-underway AFL have proposed something similar involving grouping teams into regions where the virus is rare, such as Tasmania, North Queensland etc then finishing off in the heartland, Melbourne when hopefully things have settled down by October
  8. Think the playoffs will probably get potted. IMO the season will get completed, late and the close season will be short meaning no time for them. The Championship playoff final is a month after the season end isn't it.
  9. Sat in the Lever End in 81 I know that. Was my first game
  10. The Belgian regular season only had one more game. It's the playoffs that have been cancelled. So slightly different scenario.
  11. What happened to Walford Town in EastEnders? Arthur Fowler was Top Boy I remember.
  12. Game came in the middle of University Final exams. Bet my blood pressure was off the scale by half time.
  13. Row K East Lower, "shaking like a shitting dog". So incandescent with rage, he regularly starts to shake. My mate knows him, says he's a nice fella otherwise.
  14. Good idea to split the leagues so you get home and away games and full integrity. So you'd have League one North and South or summat. One up from each league automatically, then the 2 2nd places play off for the other promotion spot. Not sure you could split the Premier League though? Either a 19 game league season with 10home/9 away vice versa or 2 divs of 10, each home and away so 18 games. 2 divisional winners playoff for the title. As you can see I'm bored.
  15. Can't find the Roadrunner video but vividly remember Dave incandescent with rage when the penalty got given against us. To be fair it was outside the area but Winstanley's foul was was the most clear cut red card ever applying today's rules. Dave then screaming JUSTICE when we equalised 😂
  16. Went to USSR v Belgium at the Nou Camp. I've mentioned this before on here but had the opportunity to go to Brazil v Argentina at Espanol's old ground but the guy selling tickets said it might not be suitable for a 9 year old. I've never forgiven my family for that.
  17. 32" here. I leave the house at least twice a year though.
  18. Just shelled out £8/month for all Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, Internationals and Euro 2020. Game's gone, again.
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