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  1. RotherhamWays prudish enough to blank "cum". We really are spoilt having "cunt" allowed aren't we.
  2. Santos saying he was contemplating becoming an Amazon delivery driver when he left Barnet was quite telling. He must be fucking loving it atm
  3. To be fair, they'll be the biggest club in League Two.
  4. In an era of loads of overpaid, underperforming shithouses at our club, Andrews must be very near the top of the rabble. He can fuck off 👍
  5. Keith Cunting Andrews has a nerve. What's he bitter about?
  6. My mate was on a train from London to Mcr when he heard. Had tickets for today and tomorrow's play.
  7. Aye it's worth pointing out this site has brought together many, many people in the real world. Met folk off here in Dubai, Hong Kong, Christchurch, Perth as well as in Bolton and the rest of England. Unofficial Happy Tours e.g. Sofia to Skopje, official Happy Tours Lisbon day trip. The site kills an hour or so every day, more for some. It's responsible for so much.
  8. Assumed Daniel Levy a gentleman too
  9. Aye she's not merely got through to the quarters, she's demolished everyone. Interesting to see if she maintains now it's the business end of the tournament. @bolty58 or any other whites in Oz for that matter. SBS are showing the men's women's quarters onwards. So also the chance to see Djokovic possibly make history.
  10. Oh dear, really sad to read. Thoughts with Neil and his family.
  11. http://cdnedge.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sport/658258.stm this explains it. Stoke in the home end.
  12. Stoke fans invaded the pitch from the North Stand, I was at the game. I must have had, in my mind anyway Stoke all in that stand, but realise now it must have been a large Stoke mob in the home end.
  13. If you're talking about when they invaded the pitch after the game started, just been a minute's silence for Stanley Matthews then they had the end behind the goal for that game. But yeah for a while the away end right at the start of the stadium opening was the side stand.
  14. Aye it does sound like his agent a right bullshit merchant, and Maclean probably just a bit thick.
  15. Loads of things about football have changed for the worse <cue old cunt> since my day but reckon the playing out from the back, forwards trying to win possession and the brinkmanship from defenders is definitely an improvement. Keepers having to be footballers!
  16. Not many times I've been in disbelief at a Bolton player (I should probably clarify disbelief in a positive way) but that Villa freekick was definitely that. Agreed with Farrelli, thought they were ok, but the main narrator sounds like a female Stephen Hawking.
  17. They got to the CL Final in 2006 I think.
  18. He didn't come for crosses on the edge of the area.
  19. As an aside, hell of a penalty from Macguire.
  20. Although Phillips admittedly didn't do much wrong, I don't think he's a part of us keeping the ball better against the best teams. Virtually always plays the way he faces, no risk passes, even if space behind him. We need someone who passes much better, can create angles in tight spaces. He's a great athlete and aggressive but that isn't enough for me. Rice actually grew on me as the tournament progressed. One article I read was saying build the team around Bellingham for the WC, tough ask of an 18 yo. Interesting to see if Grealish goes to City, will Southgate trust him more.
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