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  1. I remember a Green for Go for Wanderers. Must have been a slow news day!
  2. Yeah I do that too. Convinced myself I'm dead clever in doing it
  3. Think most of the genuinely vulnerable are covered, but after that very hit and miss. In spite of Victoria's current problems, Covid isn't a threat and think it's made people complacent. High vaccine rates are key to opening borders, and the govt have failed a little here. Australia needs a roadmap to opening up. Covid is inevitably coming as even vaccinated people can transmit so best to get everyone done. There is talk of a trial allowing vaccinated people a far easier return to Australia than the current 14 days hard hotel quarantine. They probably need to incentivise vaccine participa
  4. Pfizer vaccine in Geraldton for me today, nice to hear voices of 2 English nurses. 2nd jab in 3 weeks time 👍
  5. Aren't most acts creative in their 20s and 30s then it tails off? I'm sure folk with more music knowledge than me can elaborate
  6. Did Miami's £100 go up Happy's nose or summat?
  7. Australia and NZ both have universal health care but neither cover dental treatment. Unless unemployed or under 16 etc.
  8. Pat Heard (?) hit a screamer at Millmoor one year with his right foot generally used only for standing on. Neal era I think.
  9. Remember Dawn French doing blackface piss taking Tanika Tikaram.
  10. TA shouldn't have said it, it's clumsy at best but I'm of the opinion a big fuss shouldn't be made either. Basically, tell TA to live in the modern world. Chinks ain't appropriate anymore.
  11. That the time a fella ran on the pitch to confront the ref, pointing at his watch? Got a life ban, later reduced.
  12. You missed the point.
  13. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-20385306 90% of Palestinian missiles are intercepted. Israel on the other hand targets news organisations well known for their missile launching.
  14. The whole last season of Dexter was awful.
  15. That retweet felt ace 😆
  16. Best bench press of any footballer or summat. He's a strong fat cnut.
  17. How's your daughter getting on in Wagga?
  18. Can't see it but would love to be proven wrong. Vaccine rollout here has been pretty shite. Unlikely they'll have majority of folk fully vaccinated by end of year
  19. Schedule change looking likely.. Perth finale rather than Sydney https://www.foxsports.com.au/cricket/australia/cricket-australia-vs-england-the-ashes-2021-dates-venues-summer-international-cricket-schedule-revealed/news-story/6cd1f57434b8d2754af9379d2bb95bd3
  20. Top boys Johnny Ball, Brian Cant and Peter Duncan.
  21. It's live on Bein Sports Xtra. Downloaded the app for 2 week free trial. Same goes for @bolty58
  22. Ralph Fiennes has got some CV
  23. Fuck. Doesn't that mean those abroad can't watch now if no Ifollow?
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