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  1. Never understood the hate for Taylor
  2. Yeah he was a scapegoat but I suppose it comes with the territory as captain not that he deserved it we have some spoilt fans
  3. I think the right manager would have re-energised him but we couldn’t the right manager so it was best for him to move on
  4. We weren’t the same when he left
  5. Super Bob Taylor have some bastard respect
  6. Any goal we score against Wolves is a good one in my book but even more so by SJM. Our Kits in SJM’s era were just something else, red lettering on the back looked great as well.
  7. Definitely a speedos man
  8. Has he ever worn Chinos?
  9. I was a broke student fucking around with a. Part time job in insurance £600 a month I probably got. So it was always finding the cheapest way and they ended up being great adventures. Never missed a European game I must have spent a fortune but I’d do it all again ten times over. One particular highlight was celebrating Stelios goal in Marseille I jumped up and I accidentally cracked a guy in the nose behind me. Claret everywhere. Still see him now and again at the match he always laughs.
  10. Serbia direct flight from Manchester and didn’t get rounded up by the coppers. Ended up in a bar with No Balls before I actually knew her
  11. We must have had Reebok for 15 years
  12. That is absolutely brilliant good work Columbo. I still get shit from my mates to get to Madrid. It was my turn to organise it and I left it too long for all the direct flights (one night stand and had no idea where I was, Tottington. I lived in Morris Green, she must have been stunning or I was desperate, I digress) So to not let them down I had to find an alternative route. Train from Bolton To Manchester. Train to Edinburgh Flight from Edinburgh to Brussels Brussels to Getafe Train from Getafe to Madrid Taxi to the city Centre. Got twatted by a copper Won the leg Madrid to Lisbon Lisbon to Brussels Brussels to Birmingham Train from Birmingham to Manchester Manchester to Bolton. It ended up being quite cheap but fuck me I still get shit for that 😂
  13. I’d hazard a guess at Carlsberg and Liverpool Although I know Barcelona went over 100 years with no sponsor
  14. I’ve been a football coach ten years now and how far it has come is incredible. One of my jobs used to be filling up a bath full of ice to help with recovery. Now we use a machine that NASA use for their astronauts to speed up recoveries. Diets used to be chicken and pasta. Steak and rice. Now it’s vegan diets, just red meat diets and no carb diets. Injuries are down, lengths on the sidelines are down. Footballers are super athletes now. Weight has to be maintained and monitored closely, if you’re slightly overweight now, you don’t play or even train with the rest of I can’t pass a player for making weight I get pulled for it. (Samir Nasri is the laziest player i have ever experienced) Fitness training exceeds ball training, when I first started fitness was voluntary and i would do private sessions for maybe 6 guys, now I will do a session of up to 40 players.
  15. Had a few games of fifa last night with a few from work it was great said we should stream it on YouTube
  16. David Dunn is a twat is a twat is a twat David Dunn is a twat is a twat is a twat He’s a Dingle. For an entire half of football Might have been David Bentley. Either way it works.
  17. No it’s not bollocks at all. The money is spread out over the season rather than a lump sum at the beginning like it used to be. Fifa or UEFA can’t just step in and make changes at the drop of a hat it takes months to make the smallest legal change.
  18. Well that’s bollocks. All clubs get paid a set amount from every tv network they have ties with. Then 3 months in another payment and so on. Then the further they progress in every competition they get more money. Especially if you’re in the Champions League. Burnley won’t run out of money if the season didn’t start for two seasons. Not sure why the football clubs and Players are being picked out of this unless they’re furloughing staff which they shouldn’t be doing when 100’s of millions are going through their books and small companies are dying because of this.
  19. Too relaxed back leaning back leg is stiff FOR FUCKS SAKE DEANO
  20. Did they hit the woodwork 6 times?
  21. It took me a long time to get over that. I would have put my life on Deano bagging that. We battered them.
  22. Fa Cup Quarter Final against Birmingham Lee’s last minute winner right in front of us
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