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  1. Did you nick that plate from spoons?
  2. Was an industrial unit if I remember in the middle of nowhere HMV used to have the odd bit of US house and listening stations in manchester
  3. What was the place in Bolton called? Beat Street? Used to call in there when I bought my house and garage vinyl. Eastern Bloc in the NQ. Always moody. Picadilly Records, HTFR in Birmingham, Uptown Records London. Used to spend a small fortune on the stuff.
  4. I nearly drowned at Butlins Phwelli when I was young Couldn't swim but decided to go down the water slide Thankfully I was dragged out Still don't like dipping my head under water now
  5. Christmas booze roll call Got a good deal on some red from laithwaites, ordered then cancelled 😉 https://www.sundaytimeswineclub.co.uk/jsp/offer/recr/uk/common/landing.jsp?promoCode=5653001&content=2021/5653001&cid=affiliate/JB15/linkshare/stwc&ranMID=39103&ranEAID=hL3Qp0zRBOc&ranSiteID=hL3Qp0zRBOc-Bq72rrtqTSV5oX8Gs3c3Ng&utm_source=linkshare&utm_medium=affiliates&utm_campaign=main&siteID=hL3Qp0zRBOc-Bq72rrtqTSV5oX8Gs3c3Ng A big case of DIPAs and Impy stouts from premier hop And a personal treat the 6 barrell aged impy stouts from cloudwater. Cost me 75 quid for them. No chance they'll be shared. After a bottle of Patreon XO cafe Not got any whisky yet
  6. If someone served mush peas to me at a Christmas dinner they'd end up wearing them It's really made me angry that Fumin
  7. I've just skipped 11 pages to say Mushy Peas WTF As for Sprouts, don't just serve them boiled I never used to bother with them till we changed how we did them Once cooked roughly mash them and serve them with smoked bacon lardons, loads of butter and salt and pepper, you can even crumble a bit of Stilton in. So good. Pigs in blankets, goose fat spuds, decent stuffing and a proper gravy all essential Can't be bothered with mash or Yorkshire with it
  8. So sorry to read this. Thoughts with his family and friends at what will be an incredibly difficult time. X
  9. Impy is good but not where I like them I prefer them to be like motor oil Not quite there
  10. 4pm today to collect 👍 The sours not my thing I'll enjoy the DIPA and Impy stout though
  11. I know he put it over the bar from 2 inches but I do love MJ Williams Hope that gives them all a boost, by god they needed it
  12. I see Nicks is moving up to Horwich where Empire currently is. Tremendous news. Not good for my wallet or waistline though.
  13. Horwich restaurants haven't changed for years. Maybe it's the hipster in me trying to get out but there's nothing new and interesting anymore. I'd pick Sokrates, Spice Valley, Lucianos (though its out of the way). We did go to Roccos the other week. Mains were good. Wouldn't bother with starters. Had the braised Ox cheek as a main.
  14. Even I couldn't go for that and I love them. Think you got a glass.
  15. Socrates in Koutouloufari, pork gyros 3 euros 50 Closer to home Istanbolton in town, lamb shwarma 👌 Turkish supermarket and grill on manchester Road called Venus foods is also good, do shwarma, kofta, chicken Pasha turkish grill westhoughton, again shwarma, chicken kofta etc.. Rice n three, mixed grill sandwich
  16. 1 - Fiddlers Lancashire Sauce - also tells you who cooked them on the back of the pack. Big shout out to Big Bob whose usually on the friers. Respect to Black pudding and mustard flavour too. 2 - Pipers Chorizo 3 - Lays Oregano. Eat a giant bag of these a day in Greece. Just bought a bag of these in the food place at TK maxx but not tried yet .. didn't pay this crazy price though https://www.harveynichols.com/brand/superbon-crisps/3108701-truffle-crisps-135g/p3842998/
  17. Gonzo Sorry to hear this. I've never wrote on this topic, but had to when I saw your message. I went through the same experience with my Mum in Feb when she caught covid in hospital after just being diagnosed with cancer and returning home for a week before starting chemo. I then caught it off her as we were caring for her as did Dad and then my wife had it off me. I wasn't able to be there at the end because of my isolation, then had the worry about my Dad, its been the most difficult time of my life. I can only say I know exactly what you are going through, the coming days, weeks and months will be incredibly difficult. Be there for your Dad, and he will be there for you, get out for a walk, a coffee, the footie, speak to friends, family, folks on here and very slowly it will get better. There will be many wobbles along the way but then you have to quickly think of the good memories you have of her and they will help you through. All the best pal. Thinking of you.
  18. https://www.koutouloufarivillage.gr/ Just at the split where Fabrica and Casa Nostra bar is Your right, Diktynna is down near marni
  19. Brilliant So lucky to have these players, owners, management and staff What a club
  20. Holiday Village club opposite Casa Nostra bar this time Next year Villa Diktynna I'd have gone back to kef but the girls really enjoyed this one Got owt booked?
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